I have always struggled with reading the Bible consistently. But God
has given me and my men’s group a tool that has blessed me beyond my
wildest hopes. I felt led by the Holy Spirit to share it with you.
We affectionately call it our DBRAG.

D aily
B ible
R eading
A ccountabiliy
G roup

DBRAG was born out of a desire to become more disciplined in our
daily devotions. We can not take credit for any “success” that
others are having by using this tool. It was Holy Spirit inspired
and DBRAG is spreading like crazy.

Here is the scoop:

* Pray that the Holy Spirit lead you to 6 others of the same gender
to invite to participate.

* Select (you as facilitator) the book of the Bible where you’ll
start. When we formed DBRAG we began in Samuel with our focus on
David. We have completed Acts and are headed to Romans.

* Make the initial contact with the members (best to do this other
than email, but email if you must).

* Explain the purpose: To get in the Word daily by utilizing
accountability. The living word hydrates. Our souls are parched.
The Word is life.

* Get a commitment and gather email addresses.

* Explain the details. Tell them that you will all read the same
chapter every day, and then email the group their insights gained.
No study notes or commentaries (unless necessary). You and the other
group members want to hear their thoughts. Remind them to pray
before they read. Pray that the Holy Spirit opens their eyes to His
truth for their lives in the passages. Encourage them to respond to
other’s emails. This exchange can be insightful and VERY encouraging
to others.

* You do not take holidays or weekends off. This is a lifetime and
lifestyle discipline. EVERY day you read and email. It will be your
responsibility at the facilitator to “gently” encourage those who are
inconsistent. Remind them of the benefit of this discipline and that
others are waiting to join the group (this will be a certainty once
the members share this blessings with their friends and family).

* Keep the group size to 7. If someone is not participating, replace
them. But we pray that won’t be necessary.

* Others will want to join. Encourage those in your group to start
their own group as the opportunity arises. BUT be sure that the new
groups all start in the same chapter of this group. It is imperative
that you are in one chapter of one book a day. I would recommend
that one person not be in more than 2 groups.

* Set up distribution lists for the email. If you are in 2 groups,
cut and paste your insight into both lists. DO NOT allow someone to
mix groups in emails. Your group will form an intimacy and mixing
groups via email will be counter productive – trust me on his one.

Those are the basic suggestions. We have adjusted this approach
until we got to this model. God has changed my life and the lives of
over 100 men through DBRAG. In fact, women groups are now doing
DBRAG and I’ve heard rumors of youth as well. I have no idea how
many people are DBRAGGING right now. All I know is that I have never
been more encouraged, more on fire, and more in tune with my Creator
than I am right now and I am positive that it is because His word has
hydrated my thirsty soul.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email me.


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