Tarnished Silver

So yesterday I got a call from my wife as I was leaving the office – “Honey, can you pick up some silver cleaner on your way home?” Silver cleaner? Being remedial in my shopping skills I had to ask “Where in the world do I buy silver cleaner?” I am now convinced that CVS has a little of everything, so I made the purchase and headed home with my bottle of silver cleaner. On my drive home the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about the tarnish in my life and the lives of believers. It’s amazing to me that when I’m connected in my walk, everything I see or do is an opportunity for growth and revelation from my Creator to me.

So this morning I read in chapter 6 – “Since then, you’ve been cleaned up and given a fresh start by Jesus, our Master, our Messiah, and by our God present in us, the Spirit.”

Cleaned up? Like silver that was once tarnished?

I had to research this analogy.

Definition: Tarnish – to dull or destroy the luster; to detract from the good quality.

Consider this parallel. You and I are SILVER. Sin is tarnish.

The luster and beauty of well-kept silver (a believer) is unmistakable. Properly cared for, silver will last for many generations. With a little maintenance and a few preventative measures, you can even cut down on the amount of time you spend polishing (counseling secessions ) silver , as well.


Tarnish (sin) is silver’s enemy. Silver (you and I) tarnishes when it’s exposed to air (worldly vices) and certain chemicals (you name your poison). Outside of regular cleaning, you can keep silver tarnish free by following these general rules of thumb:

NEVER let silver come in contact with rubber (open doors for the enemy to walk into your life.) This includes dishmats, placemats, silverwear holders, and rubber bands. Rubber contains sulfur, which will cause your silver to corrode (open doors are the beginning of spiritual corosion).

NEVER allow stainless steel flatware (unequally yoked relationships) to come in contact with fine silver or silver plated flatware. When the two metals touch, silver becomes damaged and stained (choose your friends and mate carefully. One usually falls to the lowest common denominator).

USING silver prevents tarnish (an idle believer is a pawn for Satan). The more you use your silver flatware, the less chance they’ll be for tarnish to buildup. So, don’t hide your good silver away for safe keeping! (As believers we are called to action).


Silver should be washed after each use (as believers we should be washed daily in The Word, and cleansed through prayer). The best and safest way to cleanse silver is by hand (the refining fire of our Father’s hand). It is the rubbing and friction during hand washing that shines silver (It is in the trials of our lives that His image is brightly reflected in our luster.

Thank you Lord for your cleansing. May I reflect your glory in my life today.

What we cover, God will uncover. But what we uncover, God will cover.


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