Capture the Flag

Growing up, Dub always had the BEST birthday parties.

My boyhood friend lived miles from civilization in a small Louisiana town. For a span of about 3 years, we all looked forward to Dub’s birthday parties. During recess, Dub would tell us who was on the invite list for that year and we began the painstaking effort of dividing best friends and brothers onto 2 teams to play the ultimate boy game – CAPTURE THE FLAG. You know the game – two teams competing across acres of wooded land where the object is to enter the enemy’s territory, capture the flag, and carry it across the line into home territory without being caught. Of course, now that I am “past my prime”, the game has been enhanced. Players now carry paint ball guns and actually get to shoot the other team!

During Praise and Worship Sunday, one of the choruses penetrated my soul – “…capture my heart again”. As a man, this concept of being captured is a tough one. I want to capture – I hate being captured! But as I worshiped my God, the Holy Spirit whispered to me – allow me to capture your heart again. As tears ran down my face, I surrendered again to my Lord. And then this morning we began a new book of the Bible – Philemon. Paul is writing from his captivity – jail, on behalf of a slave hoping to be restored to his master and friends. As I read chapter one, still reeling from my worship experience the day before, I realized that we all are destined to be captured. Some of us are captured by the trappings of sin, others ensarled by the lies of Satan. Our Creator is wooing us back to Him. He wants to capture our hearts…again.

Surrender – what I once thought as weak, I am learning that there is nothing more powerful.

Capture our hearts again Lord.


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