Your License and Registration Please…

Sin always takes us farther than we want to go, keeps us longer than we want to stay, and costs us more that we can afford to pay. In Hosea 1 God showed great mercy, but Israel abused His favors. Sin turns away the mercy of God, even from Israel, His own professing people. If pardoning mercy is denied, no other mercy can be expected. This is extremely sobering to me. It reminds me of the verse that says “Should I go on sinning so that GRACE can abound? Certainly not!” Our very own Creator said “… It won’t be long now before I’ll make the people of Israel pay for the massacre at Jezreel. I’m calling it quits on the kingdom of Israel.”

Our sins carry consequences. Praise God that He is faithful to forgive our sins, but we should never fool ourselves by thinking that our sins are consequence free. The Bible is full of God’s faithful servants living with and through the consequences of their sin. I think of it like this, if I knew that every time I drove even 1 mile over the speed limit I would receive a costly ticket in the mail, would I go on sinning…I mean speeding? Certainly not! The consequences of the sin out weigh the benefit of getting there quicker. What will it take for us to be “consequence minded” before we sin? I am sure that our Creator would rather this be a heart issue than a consequence issue, that we choose not to sin because we love Him and do not want to break His heart. But should this not be the case, and we choose to sin, consequences are sure to follow.

Lord, capture my heart again…


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