J’ai Confiance En Vous…

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to draw a parallel between the Israel described throughout Hosea and my beloved home town of New Orleans. In fact, upon closer examination, the similarities are sobering.

On August 29th I lost my home town.

Today, some 95 days after Hurricane Katrina made land fall at the Big Easy, the last neighborhood (the Lower 9th Ward) reopened. The Lower 9th Ward was the last section of the city to reopen. This was the area that was “protected” by the London Avenue levee. New Orleans is below sea level. In fact, some areas of the city are as much as 10 feet below the water line – 10 feet! So “man” decided to build a structure to keep the water out of the city. You may remember that all of the city breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when Katriana rumbled through the city and the levee held. Sure there was wind damage, but the flood that everyone feared…hold on, wait. Fox News reported that there was a possible breach (failure) in the levees. A breach in the levee!!! In a matter of hours the city – the WHOLE city was flooded, destroyed, ruined. Many people lost their lives because there was a breach in the levee.

Breach = a broken, ruptured, or torn condition or area. A weakness in an otherwise solid foundation.

The levees did their job through decades of storms. But when a MAJOR storm hit, the complete levee system failed all because of one small breach. As Christians, our levee system is only as strong (or weak) as the sin in our lives. That one crack, that one little sin that we entertain will cause a breach and when THE storm hits, destruction is certain.

The highest ground in New Orleans, at least in a spiritual sense, is St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square – a proud symbol of the city and one of the oldest churches in the United States. By the grace of God, it was spared any major damage. Behind the church is a courtyard. Oaks as old as the city were toppled over – looking like a war zone. But standing amidst the destruction was a marble statue of Jesus (the one in the picture). If you look closely, the statue only suffered minor damage – a few fingers. But just like the confidence and faith God showed to Israel and now to those seeking Him in New Orleans, the inscription on the statue’s base reads: “J’ai Confiance En Vous” which translates to – “I have confidence in you.”

Examine your levee. Look for breaches. Repair them right now before the storm hits and it is too late.


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