Do I Need a Miracle to Believe?

John chapter 2 is what I call a “big boy” chapter. Two defining moments in Jesus’ life occur in this chapter – the wedding miracle where He turns water into wine and the righteous anger scene in the temple. Both deserve our full attention when we read through this chapter, they’ve always had mine. But check out the last 2 verses in this chapter. I have never given them much thought. In fact, I don’t recall ever reading them. But as I studied them this morning, the Holy Spirit revealed to me something new about our Creator and also something about us, His children.

But Jesus did not commit himself unto them…

The sense according to some, is that He did not commit the whole of the Gospel to them. He did not make known to them all His mind and will, like He only did to the twelve apostles, His special disciples and friends. He did not trust any of this with these persons who believed in Him on the basis of His miracles. Jesus did not take them into His close circle. He did not admit them to intimacy with Him, nor did he freely converse with them or hang out with them too long. We read that “He soon withdrew Himself and went into other parts of Judea, and into Galilee”.

This begs the question – why?

Because He knew all men…

Good and bad – all openly blatant sinners and all their actions (not just their more public ones, but those that are done in the dark). He also knew all the good men, the true believers. He knows their soul. They are his Father’s choice – His gift of them to Him… His own purchase who are called by His grace and ready to give up the full account of every one of them to his Father. He also knows the worst of them, the daily sin that they struggle with, their secret personal sins, their sins of both of omission and commission. He knows the best of them, their graces, their faith, hope, love, patience, humility, and self-denial. He knows their good, and all their weaknesses. He can distinguish between wheat and the tares. Jesus knew all these men. And when they witnessed His miracles and professed at this time to believe in Him, Jesus knew the hypocrisy of some of them that were moved by the emotion of the moment. He knew what sort of faith it was they believed, and that it would not hold long.

Man, in our natural state, is really incapable of receiving the things of God. It is not that the testimony of these miracles was insufficient to convince man, nor that some never came to a salvation through these miracles – many did. But the scriptures are clear – Jesus did not commit Himself to them. He knew what man was. When convinced, man’s will and nature was not altered. When the heat in our lives is turned up, many of us alienate ourselves from God, even begin to work against Him. I can not begin to imagine just how sad (but true) this testimony of man must make the Creator. The life and death of Jesus proves it. He knew this when He began His work. This did not make His love grow cold. The strength of His love was in itself.


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