You’ll have to forgive me this morning for the analogy that I am about to attempt.

Some background: I am a marketer by trade. I have spent the last 20 years of my life thinking through processes to most effectively match a product with a need. I consider it a challenge and a really big mystery for which to solve. This effort can be surmised by one term – suitability (similar or matching).

Given the above, I guess that is why I have been intrigued with the company called eHarmony. This is a company whose focus is finding your perfect spouse (grin). As outlandish as this sounds, eHarmony has been wildly successful.

From their website:

“Most people know that the key to success in a long-term relationship is compatibility. But what does that mean? If you both like foreign movies and Mocha ice cream, will you still feel the magic in 25 years? eHarmony is the only relationship site on the web that creates compatible matches based on 29 dimensions scientifically proven to predict happier, healthier relationships. These key areas paint a powerful portrait of who you are at the deepest level and form the basis for how our patented Compatibility Matching System finds singles that are truly right for you.”

Now, I in no way support this company or even agree with their program. But what I can appreciate is their desire to find suitability. As I read John chapter 4 this morning this suitability analogy popped into my thoughts.

Consider – (verse 24) “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

God is a Spirit. These words contain one of the most simple, yet most profound, truths.
– God is absolutely free from all limitations of space and time, and is therefore not to be localized in temples (churches).
– God is not material, as idolaters contend.
– God is not an abstract force, as scientists think, but a Being.

Spiritual excellence raises man above the beast, and spiritual excellence in turn raises God above man.

…And they that worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

That is, men must offer a worship corresponding with the nature and attributes of God (read here – suitability). We must worship Him in a way that is suitable to who HE is. Our worship should be suitable to His nature. We should worship him with the truly spiritual worship of faith, love, and holiness, animating from every part of our being – our thoughts, words, and actions. This is so difficult for me. My mind wanders even in the middle of the most intense praise and worship. My heart is to worship Him in the way He so deserves.

Unlike eHarmony, our bridegroom has come, and He is coming back for us again. Our union is certain and eternal. All that He asks of us is to learn how to love Him more.


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