iPod Insight

I love my iPod. Being a confessed junky for techno gadgets and having a passionate love of music, my iPod marries the best of both. Just yesterday I purchased my first headphone upgrade. The little ear buds that come standard with the iPod have never impressed me much. So I enlisted the help of my favorite associate, Mike, and perused the headphone aisle of
techno-toy Mecca, Best Buy. Mike helped me find just the right headphones for less than $30. All day long I couldn’t wait to get to the YMCA, climb up on elliptical # 5, and try out my new I Pod setup. I expected to hear more highs and lows from my favorite music while I labored through my cardio (instead of hearing me gasping for breath to the point of discouragement). I was not disappointed.

As I read John 5 this morning, the Holy Spirit reminded me that we are all dead in sin and cannot be made alive by any other means, except by hearing the word of Christ through faith. Hearing the voice of the Son of God finds men in a dead condition, and carries with it a resurrection-power.

The time has/will come when the dead should hear his voice, as the Son of God, and live. Our Lord first refers to his raising those who were dead in sin, to newness of life, by the power of the Spirit, and then to his raising the dead in their graves.
I can think of at least 3 time through out scripture where the dead heard the voice of the Son of God and were given new life – Jairus’s daughter, the widow’s son, and Lazarus.

Without headphones, my iPod would be useless just as without ears to hear and a faith to believe, we would be lost. The funny thing is, even when my headphones are unplugged from my iPod, music still plays – I just can’t hear it. The same is with God! Just because we can not hear Him or can not trace His hand, He is still alive and speaking every moment of every day. He is patiently waiting for us to plug our headphones into HIS source, where the musical highs and lows are amazing.

Lord, may your voice reach the hearts of those dead in sin, and may you use me somehow and some way. Amen.


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