To Kill a Giant…

Killing a GIANT.

Sunday school bible stories, for the most part, were soooooo boring to me as a young fella. Oh, I looked forward to the snacks, the games, and even the crafts, but when it came time for the “story” I tuned out. That was until the one morning, Mrs. Briggs our 4th grade Sunday School teacher, taught us the story of David killing a giant! Whoa! That was awesome! A little lad like me? Killed a GIANT? She had me for the rest of the morning. From that moment on, David has been a hero of mine. David’s life has so much to teach us men, from the awesome to the ugly.

A year ago I had the privilege of leading 70 young men though a weekend retreat. Our theme was “Giant Killer”. All of us have giants in our lives – giants that lead us away from all that is pure and holy. One of the key strategies that I shared with the men was a key to killing a giant – to kill the giant in your life, you must starve him to death. STOP feeding him. Is your giant lust? Stop feeding him by what you watch. Is your giant doubt? Stop feeding him the lies of Satan.

John chapter 6 gives us the key “food substitution”:

“And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life…”Â?
Christ gives life to dead sinners. In our natural state, we are dead in trespasses and sins. Apart from Christ, whatever we feed upon leads to death. Christ, the true bread, only gives life because He supports and maintains the life He gives. It is not in our power as a believer to support our spiritual life. We can not live on anything short of Christ.

Jesus says “I am the Truth”. It is this truth that is the GIANT KILLER. Are you battling giants in your life right now? Identify them, stop feeding them, and feed upon the bread of life.


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  1. Nice logo. Reminds me of a powerful weekend.

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