Use It or Lose It

The parable of the talents is my favorite. The complexity and multi layers of life applications are many.

You know the story, the parable tells of a master who was leaving his home to travel, and before going gave his three servants different amounts of money. On returning from his travels, the master asked his servants for an account of the money given to them. The first servant reported that he was given five talents, and he had made five talents more. The master praised the servant as being good and faithful, gave him more responsibility because of his faithfulness, and invited the servant to be joyful together with him. The second servant said that he had received two talents, and he had made two talents more. The master praised this servant in the same way as being good and faithful, giving him more responsibility and inviting the servant to be joyful together with him. The last servant who had received one talent reported that knowing his master was a hard man, he buried his talent in the ground for safekeeping, and therefore returned the original amount to his master. The master called him a wicked and lazy servant, saying that he should have placed the money in the bank to generate interest (interesting – admonishing him that he didn’t earn interest from others? I need to go back and explore this idea. Jewish law at the time of Jesus’ ministry made it a crime for Jews to lend money at interest to fellow Jews). The master commanded that the one talent be taken away from that servant, and given to the servant with ten talents, because everyone that has much will be given more, and whoever that has a little, even the little that he has will be taken away. And the master ordered the servant to be thrown outside into the darkness.

The last fella buried it; that is, he neglected the gift that was given to him. He made no use of it, either to his own advantage, or to the good of others, and the interest of his Lord. “Take therefore the talent from him” – classic use it or lose it – sobering! I had never thought of the possibility that my gifts given to me by my Father, if not used could
fail, cease, and vanish. Slothfulness – “Thou wicked and slothful servant.” This is huge for me, that slothful servants are wicked servants, and will be reckoned with as such by their master.

Bottom Line: But, for to diligent ministers of the Word, more spiritual light and knowledge is given – BIG MOTIVATOR.

Lessons learned from Matthew 25:

* Seek with all of my heart to discoverer the talents that God has given me.
* Dailey use my talents God has given me to build up the Kingdom.
* Acknowledge God’s hand in any success.

Thank you Lord for your Word that washes and nourishes us every day.


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