The Power of a Father’s Blessing – Mark 1

“You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” – Mark:11

Wow – the Father blesses His son. Is there anything more encouraging? As I read Mark 1 this morning, my thoughts turned to my 4 daughters. As a dad, I have the incredible power to bless or curse my children. My girl’s futures are influenced by the praise I give them today.

But blessings don’t penetrate sealed coffins.

The story goes, “At noon on Feb. 9th of this year my wife and I were standing by the casket of our friend Ben. The last hymn had been sung, only the family remained in the sanctuary. Gradually the family began to drift up to the casket to say their final farewells. I watched Len, Ben’s father make his way to the coffin. Len was a confident, successful manager, but today that confidence was shot. He looked down into the face of his dead 39 year old son and blurted out, “Forgive me son for . . . .” Len broke down unable to get the remaining words out. He turned and made his way back to his seat, found a piece of paper and began to scribble a message. When Len was finished he carefully folded the paper and made his way back to his dead son. Sobbing, Len took the paper and stuffed it into Ben’s suit pocket behind the silk handkerchief. After one final look Len returned to his seat, the coffin was closed, And another son went to his grave without his father’s blessing.”

I don’t think a child should go to his grave without hearing his father bless him, do you? I don’t think a father should be left with only one option, a hastily scribbled note stuffed in his dead child’s suit pocket. Our child’s future is influenced by the praise we give today.

Deep inside our children is a bucket labeled, praise and approval. It is essential to their well being that Dad fill this bucket. All of us know how we thrive and blossom when our bucket is full. Today I will fill my girl’s buckets with blessings.



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