Hangin’ with Harley – Revelation 14

Midnight – a few lights left on in my neighbors homes

3:00 am – all is dark, very quiet. On a street with some 14 kids, stillness and quiet are rarely used to describe our cul de sac.

Early morning observations are part of the package when you are a daddy to a new puppy. This lil fella is my dog. I have never had a “my dog”. As a kid, I told mom and dad that if we could buy a dog, that I would “do everything”! That lasted about a week if that long. Then came the family dog after my 4 girls told me the same thing (and I believed them for some odd reason). My bride took the responsibility for the family dog.

But this one is different. This one is a GUY’S dog, a Lab – I even got to pick him out from all the Labs we looked at. So for the past week I think my wife has taken too much joy in waking me to tell me that MY dog needs to go out every 3 hours! So this morning at 3 am I’m standing in my front yard one eye open and the other trying to go back to sleep. Harley is laying on my feet, just happy to be outside. I beg him to “hurry up” and he just bites at my ankles wondering why I’m not on the ground playing with him. But I’ve noticed a spiritual truth in this 3 am routine. My puppy trusts me. Wherever I go, he goes. He may not be obedient yet (puppy kindergarten begins Thursday), but he follows me.

Buried within Revelation 14 chapter 4 is the following – “Wherever the Lamb went, they followed”.

Who followed the Lamb? Those who are nearest to him. Today I choose to follow Christ, He is my Sheppard. I desire with all of my heart to be near Him. One day when my days are up I will join my Sheppard in Heaven. Until then I must press into my Creator. And until my puppy sleeps through the night, I’ve got to get used to my 3 am moments of hangin’ with Harley.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Doesn’t it make it hard to get up for work in the morning? I don’t know about you, but I’m too old for three a.m. feed… err breaks. That’s why the young give birth:) I don’t know how Sarah did it!

  2. Cute puppy!! I have a lab pup also , so i can relate to the 3 am breaks!!!

  3. ROTFLOL, I just noticed you pup is named Harley!!! thats my dogs name!!! LOLOL

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