Poser Lessons From a Pile of Dirt

Call it peer pressure. Call it posing.

My surrounding neighbors decided (perhaps in private) that it was time to spruce up their yards. Mulch and flowers were spread and planted, a real treat to the eyes from just about every viewing angle from my home. So I caved. Remembering what my good friend Dave, the part time landscaper told me, I ordered lots of potting soil to supplement my sandy Florida landscape. “How many yards?” was the question asked of me by the friendly employee of Cypress Landscape. I was so close to embarrassing myself by almost answering “Oh, this is just for my yard, my neighbors are way ahead of me”. Composing myself, and trying to sound somewhat knowledgeable, I said “4 yards should do it”.

So this weekend I met the HUGE dump truck in my drive way. Thinking that my portion of the load would be minimal, I asked him to dump the dirt in the center of my driveway. Before I could say WAIT – I’VE MADE A MISTAKE, 4 yards of top soil was mounded high on my driveway – at least my neighbors will be impressed…won’t they?

As Bubba (yes, his real name) stepped out of his dump truck and walked towards me, he read my puzzled look. “You ok?” he asked in the most southern drawl you can imagine. Once again, in an attempt to cover, I grasped for some intelligent response and all I could muster was “Bubba, is this good planting soil”? And here is where the Holy Spirit stepped in with a sense of humor, speaking through my friend. Bubba, looked towards the mountain of dirt, inhaled deeply, and said in his southern accent – “Can’t you smell it???”

Yes Bubba, I could smell it. I could smell the scent of the poser – my poser…a fragrance that is displeasing to my Father. Why do I feel the need to sometimes pretend that I am someone I am not? When we pose, we bring dishonor to our Creator who made us perfectly, just as we are! When we pose, we usually end up with a pile of dirt. If that doesn’t get our attention, God sends a messenger like Bubba to ask if we can smell it. So Harley and I spent this weekend digging into the monster mound. I suppose it will take us most of the spring to get to the bottom of this mess.

Lord, I pray today that we embrace who we are, just as you have made us. No more pretending. No more posing. Amen.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Amen brother! The poser always lingers in things we are to afraid to ask about doesn’t he? You are not alone, I’m there with you. How much $$ would you take for pickup truck load of that stuff? I can smell it from here too. Your Bro, Donny

  2. lol…good stuff!–>

  3. lol…good stuff!–>

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