Expecting – Revelation 22

Over a lunch last week with a life long friend and burried deep within our chat, he said something that I just can’t shake. Rather unintentionally he said: “We get what we expect”. OK, simple statement. It seemed to fit within his point, almost as filler to his main point. Hung on those 5 simple words, the Holy Spirit quickened my soul. It kinda reminded me of a book that my wife and I clung to through our first pregnancy – What to Expect When You are Expecting. As soon to be new parents, we poured over every page of this book that took us from the beginning of pregnancy to the BIRTH day. We couldn’t wait to turn each page.

Fast forward to last night’s church service. Honestly, I didn’t want to be there. I walked into the service with an expectation as low as I could possibly produce. But as we began to sing songs of worship, the Holy Spirit whispered a reminder into my ear – “You will get out of this worship what you expect…” Oh, I could sing the songs, fitting in with others around me, yet somehow be totally disconnected from the object of my praise, almost as if I physically turned my back on Him as I sang TO Him. Pleasing to my Creator? Hardly.

As we wrap up our reading of Revelation today, chapter 22 confirmed this discipline of truth. While we are all busy in the duties of our different stages of life, whatever challenges may try us, whatever difficulties may surround us, whatever sorrows may press us down, we should remember the truth that our Lord proclaims “Behold, I come quickly; I come to put an end to the labor and suffering of my servants. I come, and my reward of grace is with me, to recompense, with royal bounty, every work of faith and labor of love. I come to receive my faithful, persevering people to myself, to dwell for ever in that blissful world.”

By the grace of Christ we must choose to remain in joyful expectation of His glory. Let us expectantly thirst after His gracious love and holiness. We get to choose. Last night I chose to expect the Holy Spirit to minister to my tired soul. He more that delivered. My spirit was refreshed, and a veil of confusion was lifted from my eyes. Thank you God!

Today Lord, I expect to see you, to encounter you, to minister for you, to watch you work miracles in those you place in my path. Do you thing today Lord, I am ready.


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