God says it – You do it – Go to it.

What would you attempt – right now – if you had the assurance from THE God Almighty that it would be successful?

Think BIG.

The story from Joshua gives us a blueprint for our answer. The cliff note summary from chapter 8:

God encourages Joshua to attack the city of Ai, with the assurance of success, and directs him what method to take. Joshua gives orders accordingly to his men. The strategy is managed as it was projected, and succeeds as it was desired. Joshua becomes master of this city, puts all the inhabitants to the sword, burns it, hangs the king, but gives the plunder to the soldiers.

Joshua thought BIG…due in part to the success assurance from God. I want that! How do we accomplish the same? Let’s work backwards to the answer.

1. Come Clean (the prayers of a sinful man are hindered) – Holy Spirit, bring to my mind all that I have done to sin against my Lord. Confess where we blew it. Repent – take actions and measures to not make the same mistakes again.

2 – Ask – Holy Spirit, what is it that you desire from me today? Do not limit your expectations to what you feel you might accomplish. Be a clean piece of paper so that He may write His expectations of you.

3 – Listen – If you ask, He will speak. It is His promise throughout His word.

4 – Take Action – Big step, but what seperates the posers from the soldiers.

5 – Have Faith – The results are not for us to measure. All that we are called to be is obedient.

I am convinced that Christians collectively live less than the abundant life promised to us, because we fail to follow Joshua’s blueprint – I know I am guilty of that. But I want The Abundant Life. I want to hear from God, take action, and be guaranteed of His success (not mine – big difference). I heard the Holy Spirit this morning remeind me that it all starts and stops with step number one.

Lord, your children are listening – speak oh Lord to our soul…


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