The End of a Marathon…

I’ve never run a marathon – have done a few 5k’s, but a marathon seems like forever!

Sixteen days ago seems like forever too – yet in some ways it doesn’t. In a few hours my bride and parenting partner lands at Tampa International Airport. I know in my heart that God wanted her to go minister to the children of Uganda Africa with a team from Tampa. But what I didn’t know was how daddy and his four princesses would survive that long without their mommy and wife.

So as I sit here early in the morning, when the house is still quiet, I’m reflecting over the past 16 days. In front of me is a huge “At-a Glance” write on calendar that my wife filled in for me. It’s even color coordinated for each event (but she calls me color blind when I pick our my wardrobe???). Each 2 x 2 inch block is filled with daily activities – makes me tired all over again just reading them. Each block is actually a fun memory. Here are a few things I do know after completing the Mr. Mom Marathon:

* After living over a decade with 5 females, I forgot how nice it was to leave the seat up!
* My stuff doesn’t move unless I move it.
* Grape jelly is better than Gorilla Glue if you don’t wipe it up within say, 2 weeks.
* I’ve been wearing my new favorite t-shirt for the past week “Take your drama to your Mamma”
* How can little girls go through so much laundry?
* Thank God for local grandparents.
* It probably wasn’t such a good idea to get a new Lab puppy a few months before the marathon began.
* What was I thinking when the girls got me to agree to a nightly rotating sleep over schedule – at my house!
* How can little girls be so loud at 2:00 am?
* Captain Crunch – it’s not just for breakfast anymore.

Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing (except maybe that sleep over thing). We made some awesome memories that I will never forget. My bride was doing what her Creator called her to do, and we were running the support marathon. Sure it was painful at times, but I am closer to my girls today than I was a few weeks ago and I have a deeper appreciation for the mother of my girls and the love of my life.

Last night we made welcome home signs to take to the airport. My youngest even asked to iron her favorite shirt to wear (because neither of us knew how to use that particular appliance – we used the man iron to take out the wrinkles – threw it in the dryer). One of my primary responsibilities as a dad is to teach my children to respect their mom. Pulling mom out of the picture for 16 days and forcing them to rely on themselves and dad, moment by moment throughout the day, opened some young eyes.

Moms – on behalf of dads and kids everywhere, you are the engine that drives the family. Thank you for your daily sacrifices. Your marathon isn’t “only” 16 days – yours is a lifetime.
Thank you God for moms. Please bless them today with your strength, patience, love, and grace.

Honey, welcome home. You are an amazing princess of the King and I am honored, blessed, and proud to be your husband. Your Heavenly daddy has got to be thinking ‘ “Well done, my good and faithful servant…”

I am thinking I can’t wait to give you a great big hug and kiss…


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