Hakuna Matata

I should have known – my bride knows how much I love Lion King.

I was the first to see her walking towards us down that long airport tunnel. The girls had bright green and hot pink posters waving high, welcoming her home (to the U.S.A. as my youngest scribbled). I moved to the front of the crowd to meet her in the hallway. It was one of those good hugs. All hugs are good, but you know how some hugs are reeeaaalll good? Well this one was one of them. We exchanged “I missed you’s, and I love you’s” and almost on queue, probably sensing my relief that she was home safe, she says Hakuna Matatta. It means “No Worries” for those of you who haven’t had the blessing of watching The Lion King.

Today is day 3 of her being home, and she is still unpacking the trip, both physically and emotionally. I’ve heard from a few of you that you want some stories, and I think I’ll let Jeanne tell them from her first person perspective. I’m trying to get her to guest blog a few for us. Until then I’ve included some of my favorite pictures from Uganda.

Pic 1 is Livingston. The young man that our family has adopted financially. Jeanne told me that he is a true gentleman and a leader in his group home.

Pic 2 is Jeanne building her wall of the class room. She even looks hot as a builder!

Pic 3 is her doing what she does best – loving on kids.

So Hakuna Matata. You know, it is Biblical. Why worry about a thing when we rest in the arms of the sovereign most high God?


One response to this post.

  1. Awsome! I missed this post because of vacation. I look forward to going over there sometime. I may make it there next year!

    Your wife is a true servant. Your blessed with a great woman of God.

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