7th Grade Boys ???

So I’m minding my own business, pushing my shopping cart through the local Walmart yesterday when I run into a high school friend. I could tell she was curious about the cart contents by her glances. I guess it was an odd collection of stuff:

* 10 red bandanas
* Super soaker water guns
* 12 bags and boxes of the best candy on the shelves
* 6 bags of chips
* A 4-pack of Red Bull
* Flashlight
* Duct Tape

For you youth camp counselor veterans, you know the above recipe must be a mix for summer camp. The buses pull out early Saturday morning headed north for our church’s youth summer camp – Fuel ’06. I have been a camp counselor somewhere for the past 25 years, the last 4 have been for our local church. This year we will take 600 young people ranging from 7th – 12th grade. To be honest, I was hoping to take this summer off, but our Youth Pastor put the hard sell on, and I bought it – hard. My assignment – 7th grade boys (that will teach me to try to duck out). Now if you know or remember anything about 7th grade boys, you’ll attest to the fact that:

* Bodily function noises are king
* They are messy
* Shower? Why?
* They live for pranks
* They have at best 2 minute attention spans
* They always smell a little funny


This is a transitional age for these young men. No longer are they in elementary school and yet high schoolers seem so OLD to them. Our youth leaders begin to emerge in 7th grade. If we can capture their hearts at this age, we stand a greater chance of keeping them involved right through graduation.

So my flesh loses. Tomorrow I board the bus with my 8 guys. I’ve packed a few surprise pranks for them – gotta let them know right away who is the cabin boss. I am expecting God to do something amazing in the lives of these young men (and even in the life of this ol’ counselor). I may not have internet access, so it may not be until Thursday that post again. But I’m bringing my laptop though just in case. My heart is to share the many God stories as they happen.

If you feel led, I would so appreciate your prayers. My prayer is that these 7th grade young men connect…connect with their Creator, connect with their counselor, and connect with each other.

Funny, the boys are already wondering why their counselor is bringing 6 rolls of duct tape? Gotta keep them a little on edge, right?


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