I guess one of the things I like best about camp is the fact that I am immersed in testosterone for a week. Now I am in no way knocking estrogen – I live and work in an estrogen pool and am learning to appreciate this particular gender. But just for the raw, unfettered testosterone, a week in a small cabin with nine 7th grade boys does something to me.

Buried somewhere deep within the sovereignty of God, He thought it would be a good idea to give me a cabin full of Skaters. Now if you know anything about Skaters, you’ll know that they live in a subculture all their own. They dress a certain way, talk a different language, and live to ride their skate boards. Honestly, I’ve always felt skaters to be an annoyance. They appear to live on the outer frindge, and take humor in annoying those of us less coordinated souls. Wonder what God is up to?

Our devotion this morning was about change. We used the Power Rangers as an example of change. These super heroes could morph or change from something ordinary into something really cool. Thinking I had my work cut out for me, they are skaters, I amped up my delivery. I was certain that I’d get an attitude from these young men. One of the questions I asked:

“If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?”

The answers broke my heart. Most of these young men (just 7th graders) are already societal outcasts. A few of their answers from this morning:

* I’d change the fact that I don’t make friends easily.
* I’d change so I could know God better.
* I’d change so that my mom and dad would love me.

What followed was an intimate time of encouragement and prayer. The message this morning – God is in the change business. He alone can change you, ask Him. As they left our cabin for free time, I spent some time with my Creator. I asked Him to forgive me for judging His skater kids. I asked Him to change my heart. And I asked Him to answer their prayers for change.

So I’m off to free time with my guys. Most of the other kids are at the water park, the spring, the go-carts, or playing football. Me, I’m headed to the skate park. God’s got some more work to do with me. I just want to connect.


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