His Nickname is Fishy…

Day 2 from camp “paradise”:

* removed baby rat from under bed
* decided against the mystery meat loaf for dinner – thank God of PB & J.
* got a skate board lesson – no broken bones mom.
* judged the Slip and Slime contest and was hugged by the winner (transferring all of his slime to me).

Just a few minutes ago my opening devotion question to the boys (think 7th graders) was “describe the grossest thing you have ever eaten”? Now I will spare you the disgusting answers that were shared…well all but the winner – cow poop. You see, I get gross things, most men do. It is a gift from God. But cow poop? That one is waaaay beyond me. So I had to ask my new friend Fishy to elaborate (we all have nicknames, and his is self appointed – he usually smells like fish). Fishy tells us that he ate the cow poop cause his friend double dog dared him. Well, any man worth anything never passes up a double dog dare – the guys just shrugged their shoulders and shook their heads in understanding.

Garbage in – garbage out. I could not have scripted a better teaching analogy for this devotion – cow poop in…well you get the picture. For the next few minutes the guys opened up and shared about all the junk that they allow into their young lives. Matthew 15:10-11:

He then called the crowd together and said, “Listen, and take this to heart. 11 It’s not what you swallow that pollutes your life, but what you vomit up.” (vomit plays well to 7th grade boys).

So I challenged the guys to realize what they do, watch, listen to, and participate in has a HUGE effect on who they become. These young men have everyday access to poison. And what they ingest today may slowly kill them – sobering. But you and I as adults are not immune. The Holy Spirit challenged me to be very careful with what goes in.

Fishy was one of the last to leave the cabin for free time. He has shared with me that both his parents were killed in a car accident. He now lives with his grand parents. He is starved for attention. Makes sense now, he’d even eat cow poop if it meant he’d get the attention his heart so craves. Fishy asked me if I would go canoeing with him this afternoon. Knowing Fish – this means a certain turnover into the cold springs. But I couldn’t say no. Perhaps if Fishy has the TRUTH poured into his live, he won’t have to live in the maneure. No one should. Fishy is a favored son of the King. I think that’s the message that I’m supposed to share with him – in or out of the canoe.


5 responses to this post.

  1. What an honor that God has given you today! A boy looking for a man to give him masculinity. I’m praying for both of you that iron will sharpen this kid and you can help mold him today. Glad to be back bro!

  2. Now that’s an investment you’ll never regret, Roy. Keep up the good work, bro.

  3. Now that’s an investment you’ll never regret, Roy. Keep up the good work, bro.

  4. Awesome, Roy – that’s just waaay cool.

  5. This will be a canoe ride and swim remembered in and for eternity.

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