Warning: You May Want To Skip This One…

Day 3

Ok, I just have to share this, it may just be the most disgusting, disturbing game I have ever witnessed. Remember, think Jr High and High School minds:

* Two teams, one from our church and the other from a guest church that has joined us here at camp.

* Ten on one side of the stage and 10 on the other.

* Each member is given toe nail clippers (you may want to stop reading right about here). Each team is given a jar.

* On “go” the object is to fill your team’s jar with as many clipped toe nails as possible. The roaming video-to-big-screens camera only enhanced the visual. After 2 minutes of furious clipping, the filled cups were raised for judging.

Both youth pastors from each church were called to the front (ok, I am warning you, you really may want to read no further). Of course the crowd thought they would simply count for the winner, but nooo. Out comes a carton of orange juice, and each jar of toe nails was filled to the brim with juice. The winner of this game would be the team whose youth pastor would drink the jar (and contents) down to the bottom. On the count of 3, both gulped and swallowed and finished every drop, without gagging – they are youth pastors, what do you expect?

I was gagging through out this disturbing experience. But it led to an awesome devotion this morning (God works in amazing ways). It was an “ah ha” moment for my guys. The visual of garbage in/garbage out worked! “I never thought of it that way before” was said more than once. Guys are visual creatures. We take great pleasure using our eyes. Young men today are bombarded with temptations like never before through the media, computers, TV, and even just walking down the hallways of their schools. Somehow we must help them “see” the truth.

The greatest commandment is to love. In my flesh, I would rather love others on my terms, how I am most comfortable loving. But if I am to be effective in my ministry, I must love them on their terms, how they might best receive love (and instruction). Everyday God gives us the opportunity to love someone. I am afraid that I have missed so many opportunities because of my approach. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do…” This is really a ministry style. We can either choose to do things our way, the way we have always done ministry and wonder why we aren’t very effective, or we can love in such a way that they receive our heart and intent. This takes effort, this takes discernment, this takes being totally grossed-out sometimes. But if it is not about us, and all about love, sometime in life we must pass the juice.

On a side note, some have asked for a picture of Fishy so they can see who they are praying for. He is the one on the left, his best friend Billy is on the right. We went Putt Putt golfing yesterday and you can see that it turned into a Samurai duel.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I will make a point NOT to let my church’s high schoolers know about this game…

    Then again, there’s got to be a good way to get a couple of the kids to drink it instead…

  2. Ok I just gagged on my coffee!

    I have to let my youth pastor know about this one….better yet like Andy said I better let the kids know instead.

  3. “The roaming video-to-big-screens camera only enhanced the visual.”

    you’re welcome! 😉

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