New Mercy…

Maurice Clarett, 22, stood motionless and expressionless against the wall next to his lawyer at the arraignment. The troubled former Ohio State running back was arrested a day earlier after a chase with police, who would find four loaded guns and a bullet proof jacket in his SUV.

Maurice’s story splashes the media outlets because he was a high profile, full of unlimited potential, star athlete. He was “destined” for greatness. But something went terribly wrong and his story will play out before our eyes over the next year. But burried in this sad saga is a God story.

It was what his high school football coach said that unveiled what God may be up to. Thom McDaniel coached this young man at Warren Harding High in Warren Ohio. Coach said, “I don’t know what to say, but I do know that I’ll always be his coach and I’ll talk to him if he calls me. It’s easy to love somebody when it’s a sunny day, when everyone is winning. But when they need the most love is when they are down and out.”

Maurice needs love. He needs hope. He needs a friend like his old coach to love him through his sin. As I read Ezra 1 this morning I was encouraged. After years of bondage, Cyrus the King of Prussia issued for the release of all Jews. Orders were given to restore the Temple. It was the dawning of the day of their deliverance. Despite the mess that Maurice has gotten himself into, today could be the dawning of his deliverance too. That’s what’s so amazing about the grace of God. His mercy is new every day!

Walk in this truth today. It is yours – a gift from your Daddy.


One response to this post.

  1. God is a mystery! We don’t deserve it but He gives it anyway! What a loving and mighty GOd we serve. Thanks Bro!

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