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I’ve read most of the parenting experts like Dobson and Ezzo, even gone to school to become a certified teacher in “Growing Kids God’s Way”. Promise Keepers and Tres Dias have helped me become a better husband. God has used those and many others to help us all. But any program of any value unfolds in practical ways the truth found in the Bible.

As I read Ezra 2 this morning I was drawn to the role of the priest. This reminded me of the three offices that were foreshadowed in the Old Testament – the prophet (such as Nathan, 2 Sam. 7:2), the priest (such as Abiathar, 1 Sam. 30:7), and the king (such as King David, 2 Samuel 5:3). These three offices were distinct. The prophet spoke God’s words to the people; the priest offered sacrifices, prayers, and praises to God on behalf of the people; and the king ruled over the people as God’s representative. While the three offices were each exercised by a different person in the OT, all three offices are united in the one Person of Christ.

Louis Berkhof explains how Christ functions in these three offices: “As prophet He represents God with man; as Priest He represents man in the presence of God, and as King He exercises dominion and restores the original dominion of man. It is important to understand the threefold offices of Christ. In each state, Christ’s work for our salvation is done through the exercise of these three offices: prophet, priest, and king.”

* A prophet is one who speaks God’s word to man.

* A priest represents man before God.

* A King has taken His seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens… It is amazing that our priest who offered Himself for us and intercedes for us is also King.

As men, we are called to model this triumvirate to our families. We must embrace our God-given calling as prophets, priests, and kings.

* A Prophet – shows God to his family and scatters the darkness of error with the light of truth.

* A Priest – leads his family to God.

* A King – joins his family together with God and fights against the bondage of sin and death.

To become whom God has called us be is to mirror Jesus in all three. But we are likely stronger in one dimension and weaker in another. My strength is as priest and my weakness is as prophet…I’m just ok as King. But God intends my life to become a reflection of all three roles as I mature.

Father, thank you for being my prophet, priest, and King. Now I ask for you help to serve my family within this model that you have so graciously given to us. Amen


6 responses to this post.

  1. Great words bro! It’s the toughest job we’ll ever have.

  2. Awesome, Hook. Thanks for this – I hadn’t looked at my role this way, and this is something that I will look to Him for greater guidance and clarity.

  3. Hunh. It’s rare to see one of my favorite writers and one of my least fave mentioned in the same article.

    Keep reading Berkhof! *grin*

  4. This post has been removed by the author.

  5. Tulip – It’s not so rare that God chooses to speak through all of His children, whether one of His kids likes the other or not. Thanks for reading.

  6. *L* I caught the amended comment. I understand what you are getting at.

    Grace and peace,

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