A Tribute To My Mom…

Some years ago I wrote a Tribute to my mom, had it framed, and gave it to her on a special Mother’s Day. It was the original inspiration for me to share my love for those I love in a written format. I did not include her Tribute with the others posted on this blog because she had it – hung in her room, but it should posted right there with them, besides them. In fact, I bet even dad would agree that it belongs first. I praise God that my mom is an active part of my life and the life of my family. So, thanks to all of you who have asked, here it is :

My Tribute To You Mom

Too often we let our lives go by and we fail to let the ones who are most important to us know just how special they are.You are special. Mom, you are the most complete package of love God could have ever provided to me as an example of Him. The selflessness of your actions in all areas of your life has been a constant reminder of the attitude Jesus came to show us.

Do you remember October 26, 1966? I sure don’t, thank the Lord! I’m sure it was traumatic enough for one of us. It was extremely special because that is the day the Lord delivered me into your loving, caring and gentle arms. He knew what an unique woman you were going to be, and that is why He gave me to you. One of my most vivid memories as a small boy is of me waking up from a nightmare and calling your name. You were there for me in an instant, like you have always been, and took me into your bed with Dad. What a tremendous feeling of love and security I felt that night, and for all of my childhood. Of course, your love for me was expressed in many other ways. Growing up you were always there with Iodine, Band-Aids, ice packs, heating pads, and a dozen other remedies to “fix” a sick and hurt little boy. You allowed Suzy and me to have fish, turtles, cats and birds, even though you were not crazy about pets and ended up being their caretakers. And then there was “JAAASONNN”, our dog that became a part of the family. I’ll never forget him looking out of the kitchen window of Rue St. Martin, and pulling down the sheers when he saw us coming home. Or the time we left Thibadeaux at the New Orleans Holiday Inn and you and Dad knew how devasted your 8 year old son would be and we went back and searched forever until a teddy bear and a little boy were reunited. Mom, I’ll never forget my favorite gift from you. It was a gift that you thought of and could hardly wait to give me. It was the “HOOK” license plate. I will treasure that gift because it came from your heart. Growing up, the warmest spot (emotionally) in our house was always the kitchen. Everytime I hear the rattling of pots and pans I think of your tireless hours of cooking and baking for your family and our neighborhood friends. I’ll never forget the family vacations and the long car rides to our Grandparents homes. I’ve always said that you have the prettiest singing voice and I would love to sing “Over The River and Thru the Woods” with you from the back seat. Probably the funniest times we spent together was our trip to Atlanta to see the baseball game. We conquered the subways (don’t tell Dad) and even conquered the stadium parking lot hills because you had your “grippers” on. Your sweet spirit is so evident to all those who know you. When you cry after prayers, your tears are a window into your compassionate heart. The greatest lesson that you ever taught me, I learned not by what you said, but what you did. Your love and compassion for those less fortunate made a forever imprint on my life. Today I watch you love my children and I thank God that they too will learn to others the way that their “Mimi” taught me.

Thank you, Lord, for giving Sue M. Hooker as a mom to me and a Mimi to my children. Your sure knew what you were doing when you gave her to us. I love you Mom.

Your little boy…always,


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Bailey on August 27, 2006 at 7:18 PM

    That is soo sweet Mimi has deffinetlly played a huge part in your life …

  2. what a loving tribute to your mom. your a blessed guy to have her for a mom and i believe she’s pretty blessed to have you for a son..thanks for reminissin’

  3. Ok, I’m crying in my coffee…thanks! What an awesome tribute bro! Thanks for sharing with everyone.

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