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At the very heart of discipleship is the intent for the learner to embrace who they are in Christ.

For the past 4 years I have dedicated my small group ministry to this very focus. For one of those years I had the honor of ministering shoulder to shoulder with a dear sister in Christ, Tina G. Together we lead a group of teen girls and boys through a weekend retreat where our unified heart’s desire was to help these young people come to realize who their positional relationship with their Creator.

Tina is a gifted writer and I love reading her blog. Yesterday she posted a truth that is rocking my mind. Take a look for yourself – I Never Was That Person


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  1. i read the post and it was remarkable, because we have to realize that when we accept Christ into our lives, He takes us as we ARE and not as WHO WE WERE! We are made new and that’s what’s great about Jesus!……….he doesn’t hold our past against us! And, yes, we can say “I never was that person”. All we need to do is just accept that and start building the most important relationship we’ll ever have!!

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