No Men Allowed…

I’m not sure what possessed me to do it…

Last night I decided to venture upstairs and take a walk into a place than makes most men shudder with fear – the bathrooms of teen girls…our four girls share two of them. I was entering foreign territory. I did have the “all clear”, the four of them were out of the house. My recon mission was two fold: to discover the cause of their delays every time we are running late and they are “not quite done” up here, and two – to clear the slow sink and tub drains of their long hair.

Hair – that’s it! It’s not the makeup or the clothes choice – it’s the amount of time and attention the four of them spend primping their hair everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.

Now I know that I am treading on thin ice here with the female gender (admittedly we males have our own issues), but check out what I found out about women and their hair:

The average woman spends an astonishing $ 47,095.85 on her hair in a lifetime, according to new research.

She will spend the equivalent of just under two YEARS of her life washing, styling, cutting, coloring, crimping and straightening her locks in salons or at home.

A whopping 650 days will be dedicated solely to creating a ‘salon look’ in her own bathroom. The average woman splashes out a monthly average of $12.86 on shampoos and conditioners, $17.90 on home styling products and $384.33 a year on haircuts and coloring.

She spends the equivalent of 41 minutes at home every day washing, styling and restyling. A third of women say their hair is the most important part of their appearance, and they spend more time styling their hair than doing their make-up.

Over two thirds of women prefer straight hair to a head of curls and 48 per cent of those polled regularly try to achieve straight hair.

Some women even resort to ironing their hair in a bid to look like Jennifer Aniston. Other wacky home hair remedies include washing hair in beer (14 per cent), smearing hair with raw egg (10 per cent), tying hair in rags (14 per cent) and washing hair in lemon juice (27 per cent).

Brunette is the hair color most favored by 43 percent of women, 33 percent would like to be blonde, while 12 percent strive to be redheads.

This begs the question for us simple minded males – why?

So after clearing the clogged drains and studying the 37 different hair tools and products, I was convicted more than ever to speak into their young hearts about their only true sources of beauty and worthiness – Jesus Christ. Romans 10:11 exhorts us to trust God and seek Him for our value and self worth (and not the mirror). For those of us who can live this truth He promises us that we will never regret it!

Lord, we all at times try to find our worthiness outside of you, and the results are temporal at best. Help us to understand who we are in you. You and you alone are our source of worth. Amen.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I never understood the hair thing either bro. Great reminder that we all need to follow.

  2. Trust me. The hair thing is important! I’m not a “girly, girl”. I don’t wear make-up other than a little mascara sometimes. But my hair is SOOO thick, if I don’t get some professional help and TRY to do something with it, it is like a lions mane! (Just ask Darrell) We do know that true beauty is inner beauty, but it doesn’t hurt to put a little paint on the barn sometimes:)

  3. staggering stastitics, just think if we spent as much money promoting the word of Jesus Christ! i must admit, i’m guilty of spending a lot on hair products, and mostly to no avail of getting my “mop” to do what i want it to!!Libby, your hair always looks good!! as, far as the teens rooms, i ventured into my granddaughter’s territory this morning and was frightened!!! it literally looked like a warzone!!!–>

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