Little By Little….

His question to me was about as sincere as they come.

I have found that the most effective accountability for men happens while our focus is on something else. Guys are more comfortable with indirect personal discussions. For instance, this past weekend I had some of my friends over to watch football. The setting, if small and private enough, has sometimes produced tremendous times of vunerable ministry. If we can watch the game while getting honest with each other, somehow that setting works (ladies, it’s a guy thing).

So my buddy asks me, “How much longer before I’m healed?” He was speaking of his struggle with a particular sin that has plagued him forever.

Ever wondered the same? If you are anything like me you still have moments where temptations pound at your mind, your focus isn’t always sharp, and you even give in to the pull of the old familiar ways of coping with life’s stressors. It can become so frustrating to face new wrinkles in your broken humanity, thinking that because you have been on your journey for so long that these faults shouldn’t be appearing anymore.

We may move forward, but we do so with thin layers of disappointment attaching to our hearts along the way. Before long, the weight of these small disappointments with reality slow our progress and we find ourselves only inching along, maybe even completely immobilized.

Doesn’t the Bible say that once we have turned to Christ for our healing that we will experience consistent, progressive, and continual upward growth?

Even using the most exhaustive Bible search, it doesn’t say that. In fact, Jesus tells us the opposite – to expect hardship, suffering, and discomfort. This of course NEVER excuses sinful behavior, but does shed some light on the very real truth that our fallen humanity will fight our movement toward purity at every turn. Our flesh does not crave the holiness of God, and the enemy of our souls will do everything possible to tempt us away from THE truth.

So, back to my buddy’s question – how much longer until we are healed? Only until Jesus takes us home to be with Him. My buddy gave me one of those “You’ve got to be kidding me” looks. This may be discouraging to realize that you and I will be facing this battle for the rest of our lives, but there is good news on this journey. You do not have to remain in your current condition every step of the way. There is a type of progressive healing God does in our lives over time as we surrender to Him. The ultimate healing will occur when we enter our eternal home in Heaven. Between now and then we should consider changing the question to:

“Lord, what can I do today to invite more of your healing into my life?”

My dad has taught me to never stop asking questions. But be courageous enough to evaluate the questions you are asking to see if they are moving you forward in hope towards Holiness, or simply weighing you down with discouragement and lies.

Lord, please heal us all today, little by little…


2 responses to this post.

  1. day by day until that day when we hear “Well done”! Great real life story Bro!

  2. thanks for the encouragement, we all need to hear something hopeful once in a while, the world is full of too much doom and gloom!

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