OK – today I have been sufficiently hammered for my pity party last night.  Some of my MUCH older than 40 friends told me, almost in unison, “quit your whining”!  Age is such a matter of perspective,  point well taken.  It’s another late night journal entry.  Wondering if a trend is developing.  I just can’t seem to head to bed until I journal.

images2.jpeg We spend about 8 hours/day, 56 hours/week, 240 hours/month and 2,920 hours/year doing it…that’s right…SLEEPING. We apparently spend one third of our lives doing nothing. But is sleep really doing nothing? It looks like it…our eyes are closed, our muscles are relaxed, our breathing is regular, and we do not respond to sound or light. If you take a look at what is happening inside of your brain, however, you will find quite a different situation – the brain is very active. You are doing something!

Earlier today I was having a sleep discussion with a buddy of mine.  He tells me that as he has gotten older, his sleep pattern has changed.  Sleep is a funny thing.  A few truths about sleep:

1 – You don’t know your’re asleep until you wake up.

2 – We do things in our dreams that we’d never do when awake.

3 – We all hate the sound of the alarm.

The faith paralells pop off the screen to me as I read the above.

1. Is a paradox – Seems that the more I mature in my faith, the more I realize that I never knew that I knew so little.

2. I love to dream BIG.  Ever wonder if maybe some of those big dreams are really God whispering in your ear to do or be a part of something so huge that only HE could bring it to fruition?  It usually is my fear of failure that causes me to choose NOT to follow through on those BIG dreams.

3. My  bedside clock has the world’s worst and most annoying alarm! I despise the shrill mostly because it calls me out of comfort(er) zone and forces me into the day.  It, however is a necessary tool.  We all have built in alarms.  It goes off at the most unnerving times – usually as our flesh is chasing some selfish desires.  Our alarm is the Holy Spirit.  Thank you God for caring enough to send and sound the alarm.

Father, I pray for me and my friends that we dream big, and that those dreams reveal your will for our lives.  Please give us the boldness to ACT on our dreams.




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