The Sticker

“How was it?”

He spoke from his line position, one behind me. I guess I was zoning out the noise while deciding the ultimate breakfast question here at Panera’s – “To bagel, or not to bagel…”. I realized that he may be speaking to me so I looked over my shoulder and caught his eye. “How did it go?” he asked, with a nod towards my sticker I had placed proudly under my right collar of my button down shirt. He somehow had caught the fact that I had voted this morning on my way to work, and was genuinely interested in the process that I went through to become the proud owner of my “I Voted” sticker.


I love this little sticker. Somehow it confirms to me and anyone else who cares that we all have a civic duty, and I fulfilled mine. It’s probably just another one of the sneaky pride issues that I constantly have to beat back, but maybe not. I truly love politics. Not the dirt and incessant negative ads, but I love the civil service aspect of politics, and I especially love the strategy and maneuverings of both political parties. I guess that is why I chose to major in Political Science – a degree that has absolutely nothing to do with my chosen career path – sorry mom and dad.

This past Sunday night, during our Youth service at church, a 15 year old young man and I started talking about voting. He told me “I’m never gonna vote, I don’t get into politics”. Sadly, his sentiment is the prevailing sentiment of many in our country. As I kissed my bride good-bye this morning, I reminded her to vote today. With her sleepy eyes looking up at me she said “Can’t you just vote FOR me? I don’t know who to even vote for”. Probably the #2 reason why many won’t vote today.

With all due respect for my young friend and my sweet wife (I love you honey!), neither are valid excuses for not participating in our civic duty.

To be authentic Christians, to be able to serve our civic neighbors, Christians need to be involved as real citizens in real governments, exhibiting a genuinely Christian public ethic. We are called to be the salt, not just to the ambiguous “world”, but to the environment in which God has placed us. And that means beating back the apathy and educating ourselves on the issues and the players on our ballots.

I too sometimes grow weary of this process, but it is the only process that we have and our involvement as Christians is critical. So go get your sticker, and wear it proudly.


2 responses to this post.

  1. “…I don’t know who to even vote for”. Probably the #2 reason why many won’t vote today.

    yeah, same goes here.

  2. Posted by suz on November 8, 2006 at 1:33 PM

    vote? for what? was there an election? bwahahah…. kidding. But can you vote for ME too?

    As for the issues- do we like them, Roy?

    don’t make mom set the timer.

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