The Six People I’ve Never Met that I’d Invite to my Backyard Barbecue


Nothing deep here today. I thought I’d give you this fresh perspective into my warped psyche. These are:

The Six People I’ve Never Met that I’d Invite to my Backyard Barbecue

James Carville — Polar opposite from my political positions, but I love this guy. He’d have to bring is Republican wife Mary Matalin as balance. I may even sit him next to my dad, just for fun.


David Crowder — In addition to being one of my favorite musicians, I think he’s absolutely hilarious. If you haven’t already, you have to experience Crowder live. My favorite story is the one about the squirrel. He tells a story of buying a house, to find out that crazy squirrel’s lived on the property who threw pecans at him! You also have to admire a guy that can pull off that hairdo. Crowder’s at the barbecue.


Richard Dreyfuss — Odd, I know. But my wife loves him (maybe a little too much). She has seen all of his movies. I just gotta find out what she likes about him. Richard’s at the barbecue, but I’m keeping an eye on him.


Andy Stanley — I have learned some of my most significant leadership lessons from Andy through his teaching and writing. Beyond that, though, what I love about him is that he seems to be completely honest in his communications. He’s down to earth. He’s genuine. He is a thinker. Andy’s at the barbecue.


Chris Berman — Berman is the original sports anchor on ESPN. He just seems like the type of guy that I’d like to hang with. He knows sports, politics, and I get the impression that he likes to have fun. Berman’s at the barbecue.


Cameron Diaz — Come on. You didn’t think I was going to have just a bunch of guys at the barbecue, did you? That would be pretty sexist. Cameron’s at the barbecue.


I don’t know when this little shindig will take place, but I’ll post the pictures from the gathering. Let me know if you think there’s anyone else I need to invite.


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  1. Hmm – good picks. I think Brennan Manning would be a must have! Love him – balance of truth, reality, love, mercy, and grace.
    And – if you really want to spice things up and have diversity, of course I would say you’d need to throw a good Catholic into the mix…like a Henri Nouwen (if he were alive).

  2. Would would you invite Amy?

  3. Does it have to be a barbecue?

  4. Cracking up at David Crowder… love that guy. And hello… where’s the pro athlete in this bunch. I’m definitely thinking Charles Barkley!

  5. Yes, ME just to watch the action!!!!

  6. Posted by suz on January 16, 2007 at 4:57 PM

    ok- my 5:

    David Spade- because he just cracks me up!
    Clooney- because every bbq needs eye candy!
    Paula Deen- so she could do the cookin!
    Oprah- because who doesn’t love O?
    Nate Burkus- interior designer- to create the ambiance’…

    sure my guests won’t “challenge” me mentally- but they’ll entertain the chicken right off the grille!

  7. T.D. Jakes……….To open with prayer and inspiration!
    Jim Carrey……he’s so funny!
    Alan Jackson….got to have a good-lookin’ country singer!
    Dave Letterman…..just cause I like him so much better than Jay!
    Martha Stewart…..she would be the co-ordinator and etiquette advisor
    Rachel Ray…for my hubby, cause he thinks she’s so cute!

  8. I want to come to that barbecue!!! I can’t believe that you didn’t invite Billy Donovan and Erving Meyer…

  9. Hmm…I want to go to Suz’s party!

    Assuming if this is a wish list, I’m going to go with at least one dead person (they wouldn’t be dead at the party). Hey, it’s my dinner party!

    This is my ‘spiritual/counseling’ dinner. I’ll go to Suz’s for the fun dinner!

    Henri Nouwen – love his writings!

    Brennan Manning – he gets grace..and I think he would know how to enjoy himself

    Leanne Payne – great spiritual woman, writer, and leader in an incredible prayer ministry

    Watermark – ok, that’s a band of two people, but I’m counting them as one. Beautiful music, and can always lead me to the foot of the cross.

    Renee Altson – wrote ‘Stumbling toward faith’ – her story of ‘longing to heal from the evil that God allowed’. Incredible woman with an incredible grace journey.

    Lauren Winner – wrote ‘Real Sex’ (the naked truth about chastity).

  10. Amy,

    Love you guest list. While Suz does have us on the fun factor, your party looks awesome!


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