When a Basketball Season Mimicks Life…

images.jpegOur basketball season is over, we played our last game last night.

Just checked the ballots, I’m not up for Coach of the Year. Our varsity girl’s basketball team finished with 6 wins and 7 losses. Last year we won 3 games. I know, not an impressive record. But if you look a little deeper…

We played a varsity schedule with only 9th and 10th grade girls on our team. I am so proud of these girls.

Here are 7 life lessons we learned as a team this year:

1 – We can accomplish so much more playing as a team than we can individually. This is hard lesson for some to learn, but I pray my girls learn this at an early age.

2 – Life’s not fair. God used a certain pair of refs to teach us this important lesson.

3 – Even those in authority over you blow it (see #2). Got my first technical of my career this season when I asked rather loudly “Does your whistle even work ref !!!” Humbling to publicly apologize the the team and parents.

4 – Everyone on a team plays a critical role. You may not be the superstar, but just like the body of Christ, we all have certain giftings and each gift is necessary for success.

5 – In life there is a shortage of encouragers. Our fan base grew and the encouraging words and loud cheers of the fans motivated our team. And who knew that when my girls invited their “boyfriends” to the game that teen boys could be so loud?

6 – Look beyond the obvious for the God moments. We learned as much about life in our 7 losses as we did in our 6 wins.

7 – As a coach I cared less about the wins and losses and more about each player giving their maximum effort. This is a lesson that God is teaching me personally…everyday.

Season over…that frees up about 12 hours a week. While I welcome the cushion, I am already looking forward to next season…if I get hired back.


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  1. COngrats on a good year! Sports is so much more than just playing a game. As you’ve written here, it’s preparation for what life will bring. Ups and Downs, highs and lows, unfairness, etc…. Great post and you are lucky to be able to lead this group of girls.

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