Playing Hurt

I took my daughter on a date yesterday.

My 12 year old Bailey has a love for basketball just like her daddy. Tampa is hosting the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament this week and a good friend of mine gave us 2 tickets for the opening round. The seats were amazing.

So just before tip-off we filled up on popcorn and cokes, stopped by the souvenir shop and bought Bay a T-Shirt of her now favorite ACC team – the Virginia Tech Hokies (must be either the colors or the turkey nickname), and then made our way to our seats.

The game was tight and the tension high when one of the star players went down hard. Even from our 2nd level seats we could hear him moan in obvious pain.



As the trainers helped this young man off the court, the fans from both teams clapped in encouragement. It was one of those teachable daddy/daughter moments. “Why are we cheering?…Will he be OK?…Will they lose now that he is hurt?”


This story has a happy ending – the young man came back to play and helped his team win with 1 second left in an exciting game. He played hurt.

In life we have to play hurt too. We get hurt – intentionally and unintentionally. But we’ve got to learn to “play hurt.” People will hurt you, the ministry will hurt you…and you still have to play! The team is counting on you. Young eyes are watching you — wanting to see how you react to the adversity in your life.

Sitting on the bench today because you’ve been hurt? Tap the coach on the shoulder and tell him you are ready to get back in the game…


3 responses to this post.

  1. Great post and I would like to have been there! I also thought about when athletes are hurt, the crowd always clap as they are taken off the field. It must be the same way in heaven when a person is saved. I’m sure all heaven applauds when a new Christian is born!

  2. Great admonition!

  3. Posted by Bailey on March 12, 2007 at 10:02 PM

    Hey Dad thanks for the Great Date! Ilove you !! :]]

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