Modern schools teach Journalism and Creative Writing.

Study Journalism and you’ll write in ways that are informative.

Study Creative Writing and you’ll write in ways that entertain. But neither is likely to persuade.

Only the school of Rhythm Writing:

1. introduces a fresh perspective,
2. causes readers to feel differently, and
3. does so in a tight economy of words.

What moves you? A poem, a song, a letter, a movie, a hug, maybe a memory? All have one thing in common – rhythm.

Rhythm is essential to us. Feet patter, hearts beat, lungs breathe, planets circle and seasons cycle to a rhythm. Music, poetry and dance are built on it. Our faith journey depends on this rhythm. It’s so easy to tell when we are out of step with our Creator and yet it feels so right when we move in rhythm with Him.

Check your rhyhtm today. Out of sync with your Creator? Sin wrecks rhythm. You know what to do….


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