They Got It…

images8.jpegOver the past 2 years I’ve posted about my involvement with a teen encounter with Christ called Vida Nueva. We just completed our spring weekend and I again stand by this truth – there is no ministry that I am involved in that produces immediate, long lasting lasting fruit like this Friday thru Sunday encounter. I have now served almost 30 weekends and I am continually amazed at what God does through the 100 + workers and 30 first timers.

This teen weekend is designed to allow the young people to take ownership of their walk…to move them from their parents religion to their own. This past weekend was unique in that we had about 50 young men and women from my church home – Grace Family Church – either as workers or first time attenders. These are the same kids that I have invested 5 years of many hours, tears, and joy into. They took ownership this weekend (but exactly when did I move from a youth to an old guy?). They led me and the other adults in worship this weekend.

The baton was passed. This next generation of young people are ready to assume their positions within the community of believers. More than a few times this past weekend I cried. The tears were tears of amazement and thankfulness. They “got it”. Oh sure, they are still teens (I’m expecting to get a carpet cleaning bill from the campground for the ice cream social that turned into a food fight). But I’d pay that bill every time to watch the God our my generation come alive in the lives of those that follow us.

Thank you Lord – do something mighty through this next generation.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds cool.

  2. Yay! I love what God does on those weekends.

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