Wednesday I fly out to Atlanta with my good friend and youth pastor from Grace Family Church.

Our church has a commendable policy that no pastor ever travels alone when going out of town. No one is above reproach. So James called and invited me to go with him to Passion o7, a gathering of campus pastors and college ministry leaders (it’s a chance for this 40 year old to soak in the youthful passion and excitement of 20,000 college students). Here are the headliners:

* Louie Giglio – one of my favorite communicators

* Andy Stanley (son of Dr. Charles Stanley) – Probably the most creative thinking pastor we’ve got.

* Chris Tomlin – Leading worship – “How Great is our God”…need I say more.

* Matt Redman, The David Crowder Band, and Charlie Hall – On more iPods of the younger generation than we may know.

I couldn’t design a better setting or leadership team. I feel like a little kid a few days before Christmas.

More than 10 years of Passion conferences have imprinted Isaiah 26:8 on a generation of young Christians.

“Yes Lord, walking in your truth, we wait eagerly for you, for your name and your renown are the desires of our souls.”

Isaiah 26:8 reveals the theology that guides Passion’s leaders, worship artists, and teachers. Passion promotes the sovereignty and glory of God. One reason for its success is clear – it has stayed on mission.

Enough of my ramble of anticipation, check out this clip:


4 responses to this post.

  1. What is that I see in the mirror? Why, it’s me…green with envy! I am soooo jealous!!! Will you be posting from the conference?

  2. …packing my laptop and camera. hope to post each day. Not too late to register!

  3. Posted by thegfcgathering on April 30, 2007 at 3:21 PM

    …to borrow a phrase from Napoleon Dynamite, “…lucky!”
    Should be awesome. – Chuck A.

  4. It all sounds good, but what grabbed me was “David Crowder Band”. You lucky dog!

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