Passion 07 – Live Updates – Day 1

Somebody pinch me…

Just returned to our hotel room here somewhere north of mega-sprawled Atlanta. Spent the first half of today getting from Tampa to Passion 07, and the second half rubbing elbows with some of my contemporary heroes of the faith…like David Crowder, an eclectic, national award winning artist and my most favorite worship leader. His songs are real. His songs have passion. And most importantly his songs usher me into the presence of God himself.

David (yeah, we are now 1st name basis – ha) and Charlie Hall lead worship prior to two of the most life challenging and inspiring messages I have heard. The first one from Louie Giglio, and the nightcap from Francis Chan. I could list their impressive resumes, but it’s late and the message is far more important than the man, so here are my personal notes from today as I sat at His feet and listened:

  • The music is perpetual, hearing is intermittent.
  • Life for me is a note from God.
  • Nothing is more certain than hearing a word from God.
  • Is it possible for me to hear His voice in my life?
  • My only agenda is to carve out a window of time to hear from you God.
  • Am I so sunk in church culture that I can’t hear Him speak to me?
  • Have I left too little room in my day to hear His voice?
  • You God are the constant, I am the intermittent hearer
  • True worship is giving God what He desires.
  • What if God has a word just for me…right now?
  • I don’t want to leave here the same, please God, speak to me…
  • Am I truly in love with God? Oh sure, I work for Him, sing to Him…but am I passionately in love with Him?
  • God has a river of grace that is constantly flowing. He is looking for his kids that are humble. He wants the river to flow over me. What prevents the flow of grace in my life? Pride.
  • Moses had an intimate relationship with God. Why? He was the most humble man on the face of the earth (Numbers 12:1).
  • The greatest reward for humility is an intimate relationship with God, my Creator.
  • I MUST pursue humility with every fiber of my body.
  • Self deprecation is false humility.
  • Humility = when my mind is on God and others, not me.
  • If I want to hear from God, it will come through humility.
  • How long can I go without thinking of me?
  • Lord, change me from a child who works for you God, to a child who hears you.

…new update after tomorrow’s session.

(my favorite pic of the day – me, David Crowder, and James D. – top right of the blog)


4 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for the uplift!

  2. Fun isn’t it? I was at a Pastor’s Sonlife Conference in ’98 and our worship leader was Michael Card. Got to hang and talk with him one on one. Those times are cool because it makes these artists personal.

    Louie Giglio led me to Christ in ’93 at Texas A&M during Resurrection Week. Great speaker, passionate, real, honest. Best day of my life.

    Glad you’re experiencing the event…enjoy!

  3. “how long can I go without thinking of myself” – this is what needs the most work in my life.

  4. Man, that pride is the worst. I see it whenever the Holy Spirit is hindered. How do we get rid of it?

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