Passion 07 – Thirsty – Day 2

Have you ever had so much God…so much of His anointing….so much of His overwhelming grace that you just can’t take anymore?  I am there…full…stuffed…so much I need to begin to unpack and process.  More on this later…

A peek into my notebook:

  • Vision – God has given me a vision.  It is beginning to be birthed.
  • Visions start as a burden.
  • I am carrying a God sized vision inside of me. Are you?
  • Life, success, and failure are hard on visions
  • How do I make my vision stick…because visions leak.
  • Lately I have been expending a lot of sideways energy…very busy, but no forward progress.
  • Visions are born from answering this question – what bugs me and what am I going to do about it?
  • God, if it could be and should be, I want to be there when you make it happen. Please give me the wisdom and courage to make my burden happen
  • There is a generation that is looking at “church”, and looking at the Bible, and they are realizing that they just don’t match up.
  • My church is stupid, your church is stupid…now what?
  • The next generation is unhappy with the church.
  • What will change the American church? Prayer, Discipleship, Studying the Word
  • Discipleship can only take me so far, then I must begin to hear from God.
  • As a believer, I feel more at peace when I’m in danger.  Living safe (comfortable) makes me feel unsettled.
  • I want to paint a picture of God with my life so beautiful, that people are begging for Him.
  • I must be culturally relevant, but the culture should never all agree with me.

All this was just the appetizer to worship tonight with Matt Redman, David Crowder, and Chris Tomlin… a night that changed me.  I heard God, He spoke to me.  He used an unlikely fella to speak to me a 6 words that I never thought I needed to hear.  Right now I’m unpacking this night, and I need God to explain what He said to me, then I’ll share it here.

One last session Friday and then we head south.  More tomorrow…

How Great is our God…


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