Vacation Equation


Vacation = plan + improvise

One week in Orlando:

– When did a 2 bedroom condo become too small for my family of 6? Four girls – 15, 14, 12, 11 in one room and me and mom in the other. Sounded like a good plan…at least it was when they were like under 8 years old. Improvise – makeshift primp station, the loss of my bathroom, and an inflatable bed somehow wedged between the wall and some immovable structure that is buried under capris, flip flops, and other girl things.

– When did texting become the preferred method of conversation? While leading my no longer so little pack of ducks towards The Tower of Terror, I glanced back to check on them and all 4 were texting someone, somewhere. We were together as a family but not really together. That didn’t sit well with momma duck. Improvise – all cell phones were confiscated (including mine).

– At dinner last night at The Olive Garden, somehow my oldest managed to coordinate a post dinner outing for 12. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, opened at midnight here in Fantasy Land, and she managed to wrangle 12 free tickets (6 for our family and 6 for her good friends). As she presented her plan, and it sunk in that she actually meant 12:00 midnight and not 12:00 noon, I cut my eyes to my bride with that look like, “I’m sure you’re gonna say something cause this 40 year old is NOT…” Some 4 hours after dinner I am sitting with our 12 and a late late night crowd including one drunk guy dressed like an overweight balding Johnny Depp. Midnight movie crowds are loud, crazy, drunk (and kinda fun). Got back to the condo at 3:30 am this morning. Improvise – 8:00 am Sea World trip exchanged for a room packed with girls still sleeping at 11:02 am (and dad still wondering if it all was a – yawn – bad dream).

Vacation does = plan + improvise. But I guess life does too.


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