The Forgotten…


I’m such a horrible packer – I’m procrastinating even as I type this.

Admittedly, I am a clothes horse. Most guys are happy with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Not me, what I wear is nearly as important to me as what the 5 females in my house choose to wear everyday. So choosing what to pack for a week away from my closet is…well…agony. We are to be at the airport in about 5 hours, and I’m not even sure where the big red suitcase is hiding.

10 of us “old people” and 40 youth (including two of my princesses, CC and Mackenzie) hop on a big ol’ jet airliner headed for New York City for a week…a week of sharing the love of our Creator with those who are hurting. Back yard Bible club this is not. It’s hardcore street ministry to the homeless and downtrodden.

This will be my 3rd NYC mission trip. The irony – my wife and I love to go to the city for the bright lights and Broadway shows. But this trip, we are waaay off Broadway, in the shadows of the bright lights, doing what we can to be the hands and feet of Jesus to His kids that have fallen on hard times.

We are housed in an old converted hospital and hosted by the New York School of Urban Ministries. Some background:

The Vision
NYSUM is an interdenominational school for people with a heart for urban ministry. Through a combination of urban training, on site practical ministry and actually living in a city neighborhood, we aim to train you to reach people in cities around the world for Christ.
The emphasis is:

  • Training: Our “hands on” urban training build a template for practical application in the city. Our Staff Training Team will lead you in city orientation, Ministry Site Training, prep times, and debrief sessions where you ‘defuse’ your experiences to apply them in your hometown or city.
  • Teaching: Our seminar style teaching sessions aim to train participants in many aspects of city ministry. This is accomplished through a combination of classroom and chapel training and in city outreaches which includes local ministries and churches.
  • Touching: NYSUM emphasized meeting people on every level from Main Street to Back Street to Wall Street with a specialized focus on the poor. This involves a broad based selection of ministry sites and locations.
  • Transforming: NYSUM links Christian workers to urban needs on the streets, in the AIDS Hospital, with the homeless, soup kitchens, shelter outreaches, street meetings, block parties and V.B.S. programs and with the forgotten.

We remain committed to urban leaders who are “Heroes of Faith” serving in the trenches, battling the forces of darkness and desiring practical urban training that will help empower them to reclaim their City for Christ.

If you feel led, would you please pray for lives to be transformed, both those we meet and for those sharing His love?

My next posts should be from the roof of the hospital.  An intermittent wireless signal is sometimes available up there, and the night time view of the Manhattan skyline is breathtaking.


We are all blessed for one very specific reason…to be a blessing to others. Bless someone today.


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  1. That is breathtaking. Bless you in your heartfelt endeavors.

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