Live From New York…

The view tonight is amazing.

As I sit here typing, the skyline in front of me looks surreal, like a movie set. This city does something to me.

But the pain and despair is overwhelming.

Compassion – how do I get it for others? How do I keep it? How do I give it away? I’m learning that the answer is both very simple yet incredibly difficult – I must walk where the hurting walk and connect with those in despair.

p6050034.jpgWe have split our group of 40 into teams of 3. Each team has a new ministry assignment (or 2) each day. Today was our first day of ministry – the Relief Bus.

Our team of 9 had the opportunity to serve hot soup, bread, and ice tea. A team of two worked in the converted school bus handing out the food, while the rest of us spent one on one time with those mingling in front.

We each have a ministry buddy, mine today was Katie. I quickly learned that Katie has a boldness about her that I couldn’t match. Here is a picture of Katie (blue shirt) praying with Paul, one of our team members, and a lady whose current life situation would just break your heart.


Compassion. = Connecting with the world around you. Everyday you encounter a hurting child of the King who is in need of hope, a kind work, a cup of soup, or even just a smile.

In 6 hours I lead the group into a Mosque. We have been invited as a cultural exchange effort between the Muslims and Christian local community. It will be a Q & A session and tour. I can’t wait! I took a group through this Mosque 2 years ago and it was fascinating!

Tomorrow night we head to Roosevelt Island to the AIDS Hospital. Our focus will be to bring the youthful joy and smiles of Christ to those hurting and without hope. This one I’m not looking forward to. I really struggle with any hospital visitation – not sure why, but its just so heavy. And this hospital is the heaviest of heavies. But God knows where we are supposed to be and why we need to be there.




3 responses to this post.

  1. How do I get it for others? How do I keep it? How do I give it away? Great post!

  2. I’ll be curious to hear how the Mosque visit goes, if you do end up posting on it.

  3. Praying for you and the group right now…

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