Summer Camp – Arrival Day


If it’s not gross to a youth, its a BIG yawn. Not always true, but certainly true around here, amongst these 300 + high school students away at summer camp.

I love summer camp. Strange, I’m not into camping, but I love the raw detached-from-the-world passion of teenagers hungry for their God. Over the past 4 years the upfront game prior to the nightly devotion has morphed into something of a spectacular (good place to stop reading if you have a weak stomach).

Two years ago we issued a challenge – who could eat a happy meal from McDonald’s the fastest? Once we got our two victims…errr…volunteers up front we gave the game a twist – or maybe better put, a blend. See, each item from a standard Happy Meal was placed into a blender – the cheeseburger, the fries, the cookie, and the orange soda, and blended into a puree of yuck. That didn’t deter the competitors, both chugged the concoction in a matter of seconds while the rest of us old people gagged.

Last year we wondered how that could be topped. It was. Room divided into halves. Ten from each team to the front. Shoes and socks off. Toenails clipped and placed in a glass of orange juice (I warned you). First team captain to finish the glass and contents was the winner. Again, easy for them. I’m still in counseling.

Tonight. Could last year be topped? You be the judge. Again, the room divided in half. Five teen boys per team up front with one girl per team. Items – razor, bowl, and gooey Vaseline. On “go” each boy shaved his arm pits and deposited the hair into the team bowl. The girl then smeared Vaseline on one of the boys face and then proceeded to make a beard on him using the arm pit hair. The winner was the one whose beard looked most authentic.


Purpose: Engage every student.

The devotion that followed fell on soft soil. They had laughed. They had gagged. They connected with those around them. The one-on-one prayer time we had afterwards with these young people was special. God did something tonight in the lives of these teens and I truly believe that He used the gross game as a lever into their hearts.

…just wondering if any counselor makes “cabin calls” to High Springs Florida.


5 responses to this post.

  1. probably amy roza. 😀

  2. Um…no…I don’t do toe nail clippings OR arm pit hair. GROSS! I’m gagging just thinking of it…

  3. Posted by suz on July 8, 2007 at 4:38 PM

    i may never be the same after reading this post.

  4. aw, man….now that’s um…creative?

    could be trouble next year, ya know.

    thanks for the chuckle – i needed that!


  5. aw, man….now that’s um…creative?

    could be trouble next year, ya know.

    thanks for the chuckle – i needed that!


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