Camp Day 5 – Ladies Room

Update:Just walked back to my cabin after sharing what follows. For those of you who prayed, thank you. I felt your prayers. For the others, please pray right now for young ladies everywhere. The world is telling them that they are not enough.“Mr. Roy, I’ve never been called a princess before…I really like that…would you call me that again?” With tears rolling down my cheeks I called her what she truly is – a princess of the King of Kings.

In a little less than 3 hours I teach a break-out session to 250 middle school girls. I thought they were joking when they asked me. “Ladies Room?” Me? I can bring it real to the boys, but sweet little pre teen and teenage girls? I guess being a daddy to 4 princesses qualified me. Either that or everyone else told them no way!

Here is where I am going – please pray that His words to His daughters flow thru my mouth and our Creator is glorified.

Title: The Devine Dance
Tag: If The World is Your Stage, Who are you Performing For?
Bottom Line – dance for your audience of ONE.

Setting – Chapel
Cue Lip Gloss is Poppin song as they enter.

Who I am:
Mr. Roy…volunteer at 180…Mrs. Jeanne…4 girls all here…

…why am I speaking to the “Ladies room”?

I feel a little out of place. I wonder what I could do to connect with you ladies? Lets see what I have in my bag?

*** Object lesson – Jeanne to wax my leg

*** Who likes to dance? I’ve got a prize for (dance off). Cue dance music (party like a rock star)

We want to be liked – that’s why we put so much energy into pleasing others. Life has become a dance that we perform for others. We put our energy into performances to please our parents, friends, teachers, boys – even people we don’t know. But we should be dancing as we were designed to – for the One who really cares. When the audiences are gone and we take off our mask, that’s the part that THE Director likes best. When we realize that the One who matters already loves us, we will flourish in this life that is the Devine Dance.

So how do we get there and how did we get here?

I. Auditioning for a role in the story

We all start dancing for other people shortly after we learn to walk. Even when we are babies we figure out what will make our families smile, so we do THIS.

Think about how many times you did something this past few days at camp, big or small, just to get noticed.

*** Who is brave enough to tell us what you did to get noticed so far at camp?

Maybe you wore a certain outfit; maybe you spoke loud enough for someone to overhear your conversation. Maybe you developed an attitude because you weren’t getting your way. Only you know what your answer is, but I do know one thing being a daddy of 4 beautiful princesses – girls are masters at the art of seeking attention.

You stand for hours in front of your mirror putting on makeup, trying on clothes, and curling your hair so you look just right. But all it takes to undue all your hard work is for one person to tell you that you don’t look good. Our images of ourselves come from the images others have of us. If they smile, you beam. If they chuckle, you laugh.

Can you grasp this – “I am not who you think I am. I am not who I think I am. I am who I think you think I am.. (repeat) We are who we think others think we are – here is where masks and costumes enter the story.

You are like dancers. You dance for family, friends, teachers, guys, and sometimes even yourself. You dance for attention and you dance for applause. But somewhere in the midst of all the noise, we forget that we were made to dance for God. The world offers us money, acceptance, and we camouflage ourselves to fit in. The world offers us romance and our hearts ache with the idea of love. We want it all.

*** True of false – every girl wishes she could be the prettiest or the smartest, the most athletic or the best dressed. (Pause). Every girl wants to stand out, so she dances. She does a little ballet, some jazz, a little tap, bit of hip-hop, and of course, the salsa. The performance begins.

You might as well walk around with a sign that reads Pick Me, Pick Me – because that’s what you are doing. You are begging to be chosen, begging to be loved. And you transform yourselves into whatever characters that can obtain these things. In these auditions your masks become your faces and you lose yourself. You lose the individuality that God has given you, and you lose sight of God himself.

So you dance, and you dance, and you dance – all for empty happiness. At the end of the audition you are cast aside, and someone else gets the role you thought was going to be yours. You are devastated.

Before time began, God developed a plan. He would create us and we would worship Him. Psalms 149:3 tells us “Let us praise His name with dancing.”

When we dance for the world and seek our won glory, we break the #1 commandment ‘ “Thou shall not have any other gods before me.” Dancing is a form of worship, and when we dance for others we become idolaters. How can God bless us if we are living in sin by putting ourselves and our audiences before Him.

So how do we stop from dancing for the other audiences? Check out Romans 12:2 – “Do not conform and longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing, and perfect will.” We need to change our way of thinking. We need to go back to the basics and find out what this Divine Dance is all about.

God wants to use you in the world for His glory, but first He must take the world out of you. Before you are ever ready to dance for the Lord with the world watching, you must dance for the Lord’s eyes alone. As you stand in the middle of God’s classroom and wait for the music to start, he gives you only one command “Worship Me”. He leaves you the freedom to let your creative juices flow. Done be afraid to be bold, God made you! You don’t need to impress Him because He already knows your heart. But he also knows your capabilities, so dance with all of your might. As you dance from your soul for the God who created you, you will be consumed with worship.

So if this dad can offer you a piece of advice as your lace up your dancing shoes, let it be this: Dance Unashamed. Rise up and shout that you are princesses of the KING and that you are here to make Him smile.

The woman who dances only for God will be different. She will be unlike anything the world has ever seen. She will be bold and daring, gentle and caring – all at the same time. She will be you, but will be more than you. She will have God in her – for the entire world to see.

Bottom Line – dance for your audience of ONE.

II. Dancing with Integrity

Your costumes used in the Divine Dance are integrity and purity. (Kelsea’s shirt “Modest is the Hottest”)

*** why should you dress modestly?

Modesty – Romans 13:14 says “Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.

Are you tempted to toss purity out the window in return for popularity? Could it be that you are so willing to dress immodestly because you have forgotten who you are? You are daughters of the Most High God; you are princesses of THE King. Princesses do not dress like women who are selling their bodies.

If you have great abs, good for you. If you have the perfect figure, thank God for it. If your jeans fit you in an ideal way, praise God for that. But whatever you do don’t use it as an excuse to cheapen the royal blood that flows through you. A Princess has enough self confidence to know she is important; she realizes she is a role model – so she dresses accordingly. A princess has too much class to wear clothes that would take guy’s minds of her rank and who she is – and put the focus on her body. You cannot dance the Devine Dance in a costume that is anything less than Devine. As a daughter of the King you are expected to dress and act like a princess at all times, not just on Sunday mornings when you find yourself within the palace walls.

Can I bring it real? If you wear a shirt or skirt that doesn’t really cover anything, then don’t be surprised when the guys you meet want to see even more than you are willing to show. “Don’t let the eye see what you don’t want the hand to touch” (repeat).

Bottom Line – dance for your audience of ONE. No boy is more worthy to dance for than your Creator.

III. Dancing in redemption

You may be feeling that this is all a fairy tale or a story you cannot attain. Maybe you feel you have danced out of step too many times. Maybe you feel like a failure because you’ve danced on the wrong stages and worn the wrong costumes. If so, you are wrong.

The Devine Dance is a story of second chances. Your God is desperately calling your name and begging you to come home. You are only moments away from being whisked off into the dance of a lifetime. Heaven is not just for girls raised in Christian homes. Heaven is for anyone who will believe in Jesus. Heaven is for you, but it is also for the worst person you know, if she chooses to accept the dance invitation. Even if you have never danced with Jesus, he has crowned you queen of the ball and wants you to be His bride.

*** So let me invite you into a story (close your eyes). Follow me into the crowded theater and take a seat. The lights are dimming and the dance is beginning. Jesus is cast as the Leading Man. He is the hero with the white horse and everything else a woman dreams of. Picture a young girl hiding from Him in the background. She is ashamed of her revealing dress and the suitcase full of emotional baggage she can’t get rid of. Our hero has all He could ever want, but something is missing. He knows perfect love but it is not enough for Him to share it with His Father alone. He faces a battle to win, a lover to woo. Jesus is waiting for someone…He is waiting for you. You are the one He is pursuing. Jesus is standing in the middle of the dance floor, asking you to come to Him. Forget the mistakes you have made and the thoughts you have had. Abandon those things, run to the center of the dance floor, and embrace Him. You have no need to hide from God. (look up here)

Bottom Line – dance for your audience of ONE.

IV. An audience of one

To those of you who have been dancing for many years with the King, a reminder – over time you can get so busy dancing FOR God that you forget to dance WITH God.

*** What does it mean to dance for God
*** What does it mean to dance with God

Maybe years of church and ministry have stolen your fire, or maybe you have lived your whole life in mediocrity. Being in a loveless relationship with God is the worst possible state. God is the designer of love; He is the author of relationships and the only one who will love you just as you are.

You know the scene well. You are on the stage in your pink princesses costume dancing away, but this time you have mastered the dance. The auditorium is empty except for the one who has been seated there all along. Even your balcony people have gone home for the night, and the entire world is fast asleep. He is smiling at you – no, he is BEAMING at you. His eyes are dancing with delight as he watches you dance. As he brushes your hair out of your face, you can see that He is looking at you with both pride and love. His smile fills you with joy. You begin to giggle with delight. God is dancing with you. The two of you are making spontaneous zigzags across the stage. The faster God goes the harder you laugh – you are having the time of your life. It’s the world’s best prom, times a thousand!

The whole auditorium is filled with the music of your life. You could ask God anything in this moment, and He would tell you. Right now you 2 are the only ones in the entire universe. In this moment your soul is completely occupied with God alone.

Ladies, dare to dream. Dare to hope. Dare to dance. Dare to fully be a daughter of the King of Kings. Put on your pink princess costume and make God proud.


Look up here, right into my eyes – You are a princess of the Living God, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. You have the right to call the God of Creation “Daddy”. You have royal blood pumping through your veins. You are a princess in every sense of the word. As a child of the King, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Hold your head up high. Think like a princess. Speak like a princess. Act like a princess. Your daddy is the King. It’s all for Him.

And I hope you dance….

(cue music)


14 responses to this post.

  1. Hook – you are so gifted. I am so proud of you right now. I am so blessed to know you. God has used you to touch SO many young lives – and this one is perhaps your best yet. This message is so important and so unfamiliar. I’m praying He delivers your thoughts with power! This could be huge in the lives of those at camp.

    Dance on, bro!!!

  2. Hook – you are so gifted. I am so proud of you right now. I am so blessed to know you. God has used you to touch SO many young lives – and this one is perhaps your best yet. This message is so important and so unfamiliar. I’m praying He delivers your thoughts with power! This could be huge in the lives of those at camp.

    Dance on, bro!!!

  3. thanks bro – you just really blessed and encouraged me…needed that.

  4. I sing for an audience of one, and sometimes dance too, and rarely has anyone but HE seen or heard me.

  5. Posted by Mom on July 13, 2007 at 4:35 PM

    Roy, this has to be your very best. I don’t know why I stand amazed at your insight and your writings. God’s hand and His love is all over it and your life. As I sit here once again I have tears sreaming down my face. You I know again have made such a difference in those young ladies lives. Wish I culd have been one of those precious Princes’s of our Lord soaking up everything you were pouring your heart out and tellng them. I know I am just your Mama but the Lord has His hand all over you. I love you beyond measure. Mom

  6. Thanks mom. I love you so much!~

  7. I am speechless..this was great, I wish every woman I know could read it! God speaks through you, of that I am convinced..I can see why your Mom is so proud of you!

  8. Ruth – thank you.

  9. Posted by David G. on July 13, 2007 at 9:45 PM

    Wow! Thanks for sharing those incredible words and more importantly your heart. I have no doubt that someone is going to bed tonight for the first time knowing that they truly are a prince’s of the king.
    Love ya beyond words,

  10. Brother, that was amazing. The way God is using you is simply awesome, and the way He used you to touch these princesses’ lives…beautiful, bro.

  11. WOW! I think you just wrote my ‘Single Life’ talk for me…seriously, you verbalized the thoughts that have been running through my head for this talk. I wish I could have been there!

  12. Thanks Amy.

    Feel free to use whatever part of the notes you would like to use.

    To God alone be the glory.

  13. Thank you Roy for brightening my days
    I dare to dance as a Princess ^_^

  14. Okataviani – Dance like her, act like her, be her, because you are a Princess of The King of Kings. Let everyone in Jakarta Indonesia know that you are His Princess by your love.

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