“Don’t Ever Change”


“OMG: Skuls out 4 summer!”

It was if I stepped back in time. During a cabin inspection at camp I walked in on 2 teens signing each others yearbooks.

In an age when students can transmit pictures and messages to one another in a nanosecond and create a social web on popular online networking sites, I guess the old high school standby, the hard cover yearbook, is holding strong. An informal poll of the 8 guys in the cabin revealed that high schoolers continue to gravitate to the pages and pages of head shots, clubs and sports, just like I did back in the 80’s.

The yearbook freezes a snapshot of an era. The fashion blunders, music scene, hot haircuts, all the memories – good and bad – you just can’t escape. But the teens I spoke with thought the yearbook would be obsolete in 30 years because of the Internet. But for now the appeal remains because of those coveted blank pages bound into each book. Maybe this is why the youth continue to buy them, so they can autograph something. Emails get deleted, hard drives crash. But the yearbook quote lasts a lifetime.

Here are a few quotes I pulled from my yearbooks:

* 2 sweet 2 B 4 gotten – Angela (against man rules to write something like that) 10th grade

* Have a rockin summer – Ricky 1oth grade
* Well, we finally made it thru school. – Bobby 12th grade

* Be good, and you will go a long way in this great game called life – Tanya 8th grade

* I’ve certainly enjoyed knowing you this year. You are just about the sweetest guy in the senior class – Jeanette 12th grade (just about).

But the quote that has impacted my life more than she will ever know came from my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Marriott. She wrote this after she spoke this over me by placing both of her hands on my shoulders and having me look up into her eyes. She said “Roy there is someone special inside of you. Do not ever change. Love others has hard as you can.” Some 28 years later I continue to be motivated by her words of life and encouragement.

Speak life over someone today. Sign their yearbook in such a way that their life will never be the same.

**** Can you find the Movie Star in the picture above?  Clue – some say his dancing was…well…naughty.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Bravo, Roy. There is something about holding that book of memories, which is why I don’t think they’ll ever go away.

    Man…now I’ll need to go back and review my yearbooks, with plenty of references to mid-80s bands…

  2. Posted by ruth salazar on July 20, 2007 at 7:48 PM

    he is the middle guy in the third row….Patrick Swayzee..did you go to school with him?

  3. I immediately thought of him as the star but would never have thought of him as Patrick Swayzee!

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