I almost made it.

My goal over the past week was to completely unplug from everything and everyone but my family.  For me, a cruise is the most effective vehicle to attempt this task. I did great up until the end.   The last day was a “Sea Day”.  No activities planned – just hanging out – relaxing.  I gave in to the pull of the on-board Internet cafe.  In 2 hours I reconnected with a week’s worth of the world.

I almost made it.

My second goal was to connect with my family in a meaningful and memorable way.  Hard not to connect when you put 6 of us in little cruise cabins.  My 4 girls piled into one room leaving my bride and me connecting in the other room.  The door between was the only buffer between me and an avalanche of curling irons, makeup, bikinis, and other girl stuff.  I almost made it through the whole week without battling the teenage attitude monster – almost.  They got the best of mom, which then got the best of me, and we had a family blow up on the beach at Coco Cay. Memorable I guess.  So close…..almost.

My third goal was to finish Bill Hybel’s book Holy Discontentment.  Somewhere halfway thru the last chapter, while hiding away on deck 4 in a comfy chaise lounge chair 5 feet from the railing overlooking the bluest body of water I’ve ever seen, I inadvertently entered siesta land.  I awoke to find families dressed and headed to dinner.  Ugghh – so close…almost.

Looking back I fell short on many of my hopes for our family vacation.  But in reality, it was just what God knew I needed.  His plans are not our plans – thank God.  For those of us who are “driven”, resting in His sovereign arms is a hard thing to do!  But it is there that our soul finds rest.  Our soul is nourished.  Our soul finds healing.  Our soul finds direction.  And our soul is relaunched.

And to think, I almost missed this….


4 responses to this post.

  1. Glad you’re back, Roy! Good to hear that you had some good away time, even if it wasn’t perfect. I’m sure that your family will look back on the trip with fond memories.

  2. Posted by Troy on August 20, 2007 at 11:36 PM

    I needed to hear that. My plans are not always God’s plans. I just need to partner with God and be a vessel to make his plans real for my life. Thanks again. You are the best.

  3. Welcome back!

  4. Thank Mark, Troy and Tina.

    It’s amazing to me how my fatigue prohibits His work thru me. And even more amazing what a little R&R can do to rectify the problem.

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