Over Thai Food with a Hero of Mine…

I had a special dinner with a hero of mine Tuesday night.

He is the older brother that I never had. Over some amazing Thai food we discussed faith, hope, and God. He is still searching – asked me questions about my faith. “How do I know…when did I know…when did my parents faith become my faith?”

I wanted, with every fiber of my being, to impart my faith to him. I wanted him to have the peace that I have because of my faith in Jesus Christ. I wanted him to begin to live with the eternal security that I wake up with every morning. I wanted to push…but I didn’t. He recognized something within me and wanted it, though he admittedly didn’t know what it was that he wanted.

I tried to explain it to him like this:


I love blending the world’s marketing approach with faith. David Armano is one of my favorite “worldly” marketers. Often times our first interaction with a product is through an experience. Maybe we heard about it from a friend or somewhere else. We interact with it—we give it a try. If we like it—that leads to deeper levels of engagement. We continue to engage. Some of us even begin to participate. We transition from downloading to uploading. We talk about how great the experience is to each other. We become evangelists—the spiral actually expands as we engage with multiple touchpoints.

All of this adds up to a positive associations with whoever is responsible for providing the excellent experience. We come together with others who feel the same way. We instantly bond with them over our shared interests and experiences. Community forms. Then one day, someone who’s never tried brand or service X hears about it from a friend. A member of some community. They fire up their digital device of choice and the interaction begins once again—a new spiral is formed.

In the Christian world we call this evangelism. But maybe, just maybe our traditional approach to “evangelism” is as outdated as Sunday School. My traditional training prompted me to pull out a track and talk to him about the Roman Road or maybe the 4 C’s, or even the wordless book.

All great tools…for their time.

I believe that my calling as a believer in Jesus Christ is to bring awareness of Him to my community. My childhood hero has heard all of the street preaching, tracks, and messages. And each interaction could have moved him closed to his awareness of his need of a savior. But the “Salvation Spirial” just may be the most effective approach to salvation than any other I know of.

I know it was with my hero – he told me so over the most amazing Thai food.


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