Grease Is The Word…


My youngest, Addison, has her 12th birthday tomorrow.She is a Grease (the musical) fanatic.

So here we sit, daddy, Addy, and her 10 month older sister Bailey at gate 66 of Tampa International Airport. The 3 of us are set to land in New York City at 1:54 pm today. The show starts tonight at 8:00 pm. We have been saving for this trip since last fall when the TV show debuted. Two nights in the city, the girl’s armed with a year’s worth of babysitting money (and birthday money) and dad loaded down with their “carry-ons”.

I’m in uncharted waters.

For the past 16 years, mom has always set the travel agenda. Now I have 2 young ladies looking at me and asking “what’s next”. I have no clue. My only hope and prayer (other than not losing one of them in Manhattan) is to connect with my two youngest daughters. Time is fleeting. We have only a few short years to make memories to last a lifetime. But more important than even cherished memories is establishing a connection that will serve as a foundation as life’s challenges approach. Our children need to hear, feel, and see our love for them. If God chooses to use a Broadway Musical (and a shopping trip to SoHo) as a means to connection, OK, I’m game. I love my girls, but He loves them even more (hard for this daddy to believe that, but it’s true). As dads, it’s our responsibility to model that God love to our kids.

1st boarding call…more later.


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  1. You Da’ Dad!!! Praying for you as you go. Man… I would be a ball lost in high weeds when it comes to leading that adventure. I’ll be praying for you bro!

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