Church – WAKE UP!


This from one of my faith heroes, Craig Groeschel, I ask you to consider the following:

“The consumer-Christian will not survive in the next ten years.

You might ask, “What is a Consumer-Christian?” In our church, it is the person who “church shops” for a church that meets his needs. Church is all about them. When the church doesn’t work for them anymore, they shop for another one.

As the inevitable persecution of Christians increases, going to church won’t be something we do to feel good about ourselves. Instead of thinking church exists for us, we’ll remember that we are the church, and we exist for the world.

The consumeristic-Christian (if they are truly believers) will either become fully committed to Christ or they will fall away. Those remaining will become mission-minded.

The future church will be made up of believers who:

Are sick of living in material comfort while millions starve to death.
Make money to give more than to consume.
Believe in the power of prayer and fasting.
Are willing to suffer for the cause of Christ.
Will be engaged in missions both locally and internationally.
See it as their role to lead people to Christ.
See it as their role to help people in need.
I believe that things in our country will need to become increasingly bad for the Church to wake up and be the Church. Unfortunately, I think things will get worse. But the good news is that the Church will get better.”

OK, thanks, somehow that made me feel much better…


5 responses to this post.

  1. Rant all you want..there are people that really need to hear this!

  2. Posted by Frank Basciano on October 19, 2007 at 10:20 AM

    Too smooth for me, but a good start! The church needs to be “disturbed” to rise it out of its complacency. You have touched a little on what has bothered me with the church for a long time – you know my current situation. 2 Tim 3:1-5 and 4:3-5 should make USA Christians uncomfortable with the current state of the American church. We are watching these scriptures unfold before our eyes. WAKE UP church it is not about us!

  3. That’s not going too far at all.

  4. …the good news is that the [true] church will get better!

  5. great post….I agree…I think it is going to be tough on people who live with too much margin in their Christian lives. It’s time for the church to go all in.

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