God is going to call us to say goodbye to some things that make us comfortable.

Not sure what that means to you, but to me it means that I must let go…let go of certainties that have become a part of the very fabric of who I know myself to be.

Sometimes, these certainties are issues of forgiveness.

Case in point – this past weekend I participated in a corporate forgiveness service. After hearing a compelling talk lasered in on the what, how, and why we all carry some levels of unforgiveness, we were given the opportunity to write them out on this card:


…and then symbolically we pinned the cards to a huge wooden cross. To watch hundreds of friends make their way to the cross, carrying years of hurt and pain…wow…a powerful possibly life changing picture of His grace and love.

I love experiential worship.

At the end of each service I had the blessing of pulling off each card. What began as a mundane job quickly changed into a spiritually and emotionally charged adventure. Because nobody signed their names on the cards, I had the opportunity to pray over each one. Somehow I managed to keep it all together…until I came across this:

“I forgive everyone who calls me ugly and fat”.

That one broke me. To think that this child of the King of Kings has endured a lifetime of ridicule, and maybe, just maybe released the terrible hurt at the cross…praise God!

Goodbye unforgiveness…it’s been a horrible time together. My God tells me that I no longer have to endure your consequences.



2 responses to this post.

  1. that was soooo cool!

  2. Oh the issue of unforgiveness! I do know it. I am being reminded of it now, again. God brings me back to it at intervals. By the way, Happy Holidays to you!

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