My name is Roy and I’m a workaholic.

Or at least that’s what I’ve been called. Never have understood it.

I must admit that names do carry weight and subsequently I have shouldered “working” guilt for years…but now, perhaps, I wonder if it has been misapplied?

Seth Godin said “A workaholic lives on fear. It’s fear that drives him to show up all the time. The best defense, apparently, is a good attendance record.

A new class of jobs (and workers) is creating a different sort of worker, though. This is the person who works out of passion and curiosity, not fear.”The passionate worker doesn’t show up because she’s afraid of getting in trouble, she shows up because it’s a hobby that pays. The passionate worker is busy blogging on vacation… because posting that thought and seeing the feedback it generates is actually more fun than sitting on the beach for another hour. The passionate worker tweaks a site design after dinner because, hey, it’s a lot more fun than watching TV.It was hard to imagine someone being passionate about mining coal or scrubbing dishes. But the new face of work, at least for some people, opens up the possibility that work is the thing (much of the time) that you’d most like to do. Designing jobs like that is obviously smart. Finding one is brilliant.
Are you looking? Have you found it?

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  1. Posted by Jeff Stubbe on January 18, 2008 at 4:24 PM

    I don’t know who this Seth Godin is, but I would suggest you don’t listen to him any more. I had lunch with one of my favorite people today and yur name came up. I said to Pastor Dave, “Do you know who one of my hereos is?” Without hesitation he said “Roy Hooker”. Nobody admires a workaholic. They are usually teased or ridiculed. You display passion, dedication, work ethic, and discipline. All traits to be emulated. I for one am very glad you chose to display them. Not only for the students you mentor, but for the rest of us trying to work our passion. Kudos you passionateaholic.

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