I am a Caucasian male and have no idea what it feels like to be the victim of racism.

But last night I experienced this horrible act first hand…at the expense of someone I love.

I coach a local varsity girl’s basketball team. One of my players is African American.

She is part of my family. My team is part of my family. We fight, we laugh, we get mad, we lose, we win. We spend 10 hours a week together for 3 months out of the year. I don’t just coach these young ladies – I “do life” with them.

Last night, it the midst of a hard fought victory, one of MY girls was called a “nigger” by an opposing player.

The game, at that very point, became insignificant.

As her coach and protector on the court, what do I do?

As a Christian, how do I respond?

As a white man, who just witnessed something so ugly, spoken from a fellow Caucasian to an African American, what do I do?

I was paralyzed. I looked into player’s eyes – trying to grasp the impact of the moment…trying to empathize when empathy is impossible. How could I possibly know what she was feeling at this very moment. Every fiber of my being wanted to hold her and protect her.

To my player’s incredible testimony, she did just what her mom taught her to do – she told an adult and did not retaliate. She showed much more maturity and restraint than I would have done. If I were her I would have decked the girl – pure and simple – one punch – game over. But not this incredible young lady.
So today I am left trying to make sense of racism. The authorities from both schools as well as the Florida High School Athletic Association have been contacted. That’s all I know how to do….that, and love on and protect my players. My heart breaks over racism.

On Monday we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. Last night I caught a glimpse of the very thing he fought for and against.

…red and yellow, black and white, WE are precious in His sight.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey Roy,
    I appreciate and enjoy your thoughts, opinions, honesty, and wisdom!! 🙂
    This (racism) is a subject that hits too close to home and deeply saddens my heart.


    YES, we are…every single one of us. None any more precious than any other. I’ve listened directly and indirectly to racism and haughtiness from Christian adults. That just shouldn’t happen…EVER. The ground is level at the foot of the cross. Why is it so hard for some to understand? Whooo…..don’t get me started on this one! 🙂 I love you cuz!
    Do you mind if I share this story?

  2. Cuz!!!!

    I love you!

    Of course you may share the story – its not mine to hold onto. It’s all about Him.

    I love and miss you guys!

    Vaca soon?


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